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    Reloader 26 Holy Cow.....Thanks SH!!!!

    One of my distributors has it and is supposed to be trying to get me a cheaper price in the morning. They’ve got (72) 1 lb bottles as of right now. Powder Valley is about $6 cheaper though.
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    Varmint Hunting Caliber(s)?

    Your 6CM is more than capable of taking anything on this type of hunt. I’m not a big fan of AR’s for Hogs unless they are AR-10’s.
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    Laser range finder for hunting conditions

    If $400 is your max I’d go Sig Kilo2200BDX without a doubt. I use mine nearly daily and consistently range animals past 1000 yards and steel targets past a mile. It handles ballistics out to 800 yards as well, if you have a Kestrel with Bluetooth it’ll pair to it and go however far you can...
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    Y’all talk me out of a 22-250

    I like the way you think sir...
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    Y’all talk me out of a 22-250

    Gosh I started this thread a year ago and just ordered that barrel a month ago. Originally I didn’t want to load for this one but I’m looking at the Berger 85.5gr or a Sierra 90 or 90gr. My kids are almost old enough to start deer hunting so that changed my course just a hair.
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    Y’all talk me out of a 22-250

    I’ve got a custom Krieger Savage Pre-fit coming chambered in 22-250 with a 1:6.5 twist. Should be interesting!
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    6.5 PRC head scratcher.

    I’ll try that
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    6.5 PRC head scratcher.

    @Travclem 22” barrel 1:8 twist and I’m using Applied Ballistics with Litz’s custom drag model. 22” might be a little short for that much powder but I would think it wouldn’t account for 300fps. Only thing I could of last night was that maybe the scope doesn’t track correctly. If that’s the...
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    6.5 PRC head scratcher.

    I’m loading a 6.5 PRC up for a guy and can’t wrap my head around these numbers. Here’s my load: 140gr Berger Elite Hunter 58.2gr Retumbo Fed 210m primer Gunwerks brass Here’s where it gets interesting. Self admittedly I have not chronographed yet, but I was sure (after extensive reading of...
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    ****SOLD**** Nightforce C433 NXS 5.5-22X50

    I’ll take it, I’ll send you a pm
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    Looking to buy a NF NXS 5.5-22 with High Speed Turrets and Zero Stop with the MOAR-T. I’d consider a MOAR for the right price but I’d prefer the MOAR-T.
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    SOLD - Nightforce NXS 5.5-22 x 50

    Tagging in case mine sells