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    Aero M5E1 custom 6mm Creed

    Selling to fund other projects. It just sits in the safe. Round count is 72. Gas system needs some playing with still I haven't spent the time to do it. Build specs Aero M5E1 upper/lower Aero enhanced handguard X caliber 1:7 22" bull barrel 6mm creed Aero bcg Rubber city armory head spaced bolt...
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    2020 Sniper's Hide Cup in Colville Washington

    Edit** In motion targets link clears up my question. Looking forward to it Was my favorite match last year
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    Precision rifle training in WA?

    Check out sawtooth rifles training. @sstacllc Scott Satterlee puts on clinics at rock lake rifle range in spokane.
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    SVI Infinity or Wilson Combat

    Check out atlas gun works as well. 2 months or less lead time.
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    Thanks @10xk9
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    Saturday bump
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    Anyone running a Vudoo V-22 with a Trigger Tech special trigger?

    Ny buddy is running one in his vudoo. No issues so far
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    SOLD: STI 9mm DVC-P $3699 Like New

    Damn...if only the timing was better Glws I hope to pick one of these up in January.
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    Is the ATACR worth the extra money compared to the Vortex Gen 2 for strictly PRS style matches?

    NF was worth the cost to me. Sold both my razors and upgraded to the 7-35. Very happy with my decision. Consider the new nightforce NX8 4-32 2150$ MAP
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    Light weight 10/22 barrels

    Beyer barrels are super light weight as well
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    What to expect from a kidd supergrade

    I shot the 2019 NRL22 finale in Vegas over memorial day wknd and vudoos dominated the field. I'd say 50% vudoos and 50% everything else. (Rprr, CZ, Kidd, etc) I have a vudoo myself and am in the process of building a kidd to shoot and have as a backup. Looking forward to testing them against one...