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    WTS: Winchester 300 WSM Brass

    Still avail
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    LH Win Model 70 in 450 Marlin

    LH Win Model 70 Blued S/A Mag Bolt Face Chambered in 450 Marlin McMillan Featherweight Edge Stock Lilja 1-12" #4 Contour Barrel in S/S; 20" to recoil lug. Chambered/Bedded/Trigger Tuned by Lee Christianson (Redneck). Factory Bottom Metal 1.75lb Trigger; breaks like glass. Rifle weighs around...
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    Nightforce 2.5-10x32 NPR2 ZeroStop $1050

    I'll take it as discussed in our PM.
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    .338 Lapua Action question

    BAT HR or one of their bigger actions depending on weight requirement. Stiller Tac 338 Surgeon XL
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    WTB: One Piece of New 338 Lapua Brand Brass

    As the title states, I'd like to purchase one piece of Lapua brand 338 Lapua brass for Measurement and testing purposes without having to buy a whole box of 100. I would greatly appreciate if someone would sell me just 1 piece!
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    WTS: Winchester 300 WSM Brass

    I have some Winchester brand 300 WSM brass for sale: 169 new pieces unsorted 59 - 1x and 2x fired - weight sorted before firing - tumbled 137 new weight sorted 306 New Pieces 59 fired pieces 365 Total pieces 275 Shipped for All 250 Shipped for new brass. Prefer to sell together...
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    Need 338 Lapua Brass Measurement

    .350 above the base of the case? New or virgin brass? I'm getting .578 there on virgin Peterson brass and Hornady. Was hoping Lapua was bigger in this area like you measured.
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    Need 338 Lapua Brass Measurement

    Could someone take a Measurement on a virgin piece of lapua brand 338 lapua brass for me? Shoot me a PM and I'll show the area I'm looking's the diameter right in front of the web. Maybe .35" in front of the case head?
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    Jon Beanland 6.5 CM

    Jon is as good as they come. Nice rifle!
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    Hs precision SA and LA. *SOLD*

    Or did you sell the S/A stock to kytrapper as well after I had told you I'd take it and you pm'ed me that it was mine. Please clarify.
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    Hs precision SA and LA. *SOLD*

    I'm still in for the short action stock. PM'ed you back. Send me payment info.
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    WTB: R.E.M. 700 S/A Mag Box and Follower

    I need a R.E.M. 700 short action mag box (308) bdl and follower. Pm me with what you have. Don't need bottom metal, just the mag box and follower.
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    Hs precision SA and LA. *SOLD*

    If this fits a left handed short action R.E.M. 700, I'll take it. Pm me payment info