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    -SOLD- Vortex/Seekins 30mm PMR Lows

    I'll take them as discussed in our PM.
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    6.5 PRC vs 300 wsm

    WSM with 215 Bergers
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    Seekins 30mm Medium rings

    Payment sent.
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    Seekins 30mm Medium rings

    I'll take them. Pm payment info.
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    Bartlein Heavy Varmint vs Bartlein M24/M40

    All nearly the same. Shank diameter on the mtu and HV will be 1.25 vs 1.20 for the m24. Shank diameter on the HV is much longer than the other two (maintains the 1.25" diameter before it starts to taper for a longer time). If you take a HV and cut the shank length down to MTU dimensions...
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    SOLD: 6mm 105 Hybrids and 110 SMK

    Bergers sold. Waiting to hear back from someone on the Sierras
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    LH 338 Build Components: Stiller Tac 338, Bartlein, McMillan, Jewel.

    Yes the action is still avail for 925. Also have other components to turn it into a complete 338 build.
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    Winchester model 70 rebarrel

    Or 284 or 280ai
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    SOLD: 6mm 105 Hybrids and 110 SMK

    I have two new boxes of Berger 105 Hybrids and one new box of 110 SMk. 30 per box plus shipping Or 90 Shipped for the 3 new boxes. I have a partial box of 105s and a partial box of 110s I'll count as well.
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    Wtb: 30mm Low or Medium Pic Rings

    Looking for seekins, NF, or other reputable brand aluminum 30mm picitanny rings in low or medium. PM me what you have.
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    300NM Action Recommendations

    BAT HR Surgeon XL Stiller Tac 338 In that order. BAT will fit a standard R.E.M. 700 stock. The other two will not without modifying the inlet.