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    así que dime

    Reported. I don't know what you are saying but I'll bet there are cuss words in there.
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    How many of you have....

    I have started rifle builds because I got a stock at a good price, a magazine for a good price, ammo in a caliber I didn't already have, a barrel or name it. You post in this thread like that's not normal.
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    New intel received from inside the SH HQ

    Well done! Thats some hard core references that only a Bear Pit citizen will understand.
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    Concealed carry - have you had to defend? issues related to the aftermath

    I have USCCA as well. Adding spouse is an option for a few dollars more but I don't think it is automatic.
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    Looking for some details on a good K9

    the shedding is legendary and true. But between those two - the C cocker and the GSD you have to ask yourself, "Do I want dog piss on the floor or do I want dog hair floating around?" I invested in a couple Roomba's and they definitely help.
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    Illegals about to feel the pinch....

    Interesting times indeed. In both cases - NYC and China, you reap what you sow.
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    I had two in my cart (15 available when I put them in my cart) then went to checkout, none available! Oh well...maybe next time
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    They are for real, guys ans gals: Wanna be a paid anti-gun "Gun Owners for Safety" organizer? Inquire within....

    They'll probably use MOA reticles with mil turrets - I'm not worried
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    Cat shit in my flower bed

    Give them a break - they can't find any toilet paper.
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    Bare with me, my first music video (my art)

    I'm too old to appreciate pop music, but it sounded a whole lot better than the crap my teenage daughter plays on the radio. Plus, it had a nice beat and it's easy to dance to. Can I just hang out with you on the boat?
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    Should we be concerned about the panic?

    Yes, you should be concerned. Yes, you should prepare.
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    Bloomberg is Out, Endorses Joe

    Absolutely spot on