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    DTA SRS Feeding issues?

    I agree with you. I really like my SRS A1 but I would be rather pissed if the supplied magazine that it came with didn't work. Mine actually needed a debur treatment of the feed lips in 308 for rounds to feed right and it pissed me off as I don't have those kinds of issues with my AI.
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    Bighorn Arms is Changing to Zermatt Arms

    I'm not a huge fan of the change but I like being able to drive to their shop so I'll get over it.
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    New B&T Industries Atlas bipod - BLIND pre-order

    E-mail sent. Didn't know about this until the AXMC bipod thread in the Bolt Action Rifles forum.
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    Realistic Lapua Budget?

    I'd go with an SRS A1. It's a happy middle ground and under $5K.
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    Is there a typical lifespan for an action?

    I think he's over 150K rounds now.
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    Tikka T3 Thread

    They take forever to ship but I have gotten what I ordered in the past.
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    KRG Bravo for CTR that can take TRG/CTR mags?

    Makes sense. Thanks for the clarification. My mags are snug but got easier to seat after a couple of insertions. I'm thrilled that you got them released and thanks again!!
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    Tikka T3x: CTR vs AICS magazines

    Here's by CTR w/ Bravo that takes CTR mags.
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    Tikka T3 Thread

    I've thought about it but I have kind of outgrown the want for ultra expensive optics. I'm perfectly happy with the Gen II Razor and DMR II's. My vision just isn't good enough to utilize anything more expensive.
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    Tikka T3 Thread

    I have a "1 safe" rule and it is full so something would have to go before being replaced. It's the only way I can keep myself in check :)
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    Tikka T3 Thread

    Got my CTR mag stock today. Now my bolt gun collection is complete.
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    KRG Bravo for CTR that can take TRG/CTR mags?

    I like it so far. I have a Bighorn TL2 with a 20" barrel in 223 in a Bravo that I like as well. The only thing I noticed is a void below the cheek-piece after you replace it with the Tikka specific one. I may fill that with something. I'm sure my Remington Bravo has it too but I never...
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    KRG Bravo for CTR that can take TRG/CTR mags?

    Mine was supposed to be here last week but FedEx sent it from ID to WA to OR back to ID to UT to NM to KS to MO back to KS and then finally to NE. This chassis has been to more states than I have LOL.
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    KRG Bravo for CTR that can take TRG/CTR mags?

    Makes sense...thanks! You have to get socks in the's a rule :D