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    Best place for MK262?

    Has anyone tried prime?
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    308 saint victor

    How did it shoot?
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    IWI Masada - Anyone have one?

    Make your own holster with Kydex...
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    .223 - 5.56

    + 2000 on 23.4 grains of 8208xbr under a 77 grain Nosler custom competition in L/C brass. Shot sub MOA at 100 yards and near minute of guy holding the rifle at 600 yards... if you use SMKs, I bet it will do a bit better...
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    The Nosler 70gr RDF thread!

    Ok, the RDFs like to jump. Started with a 2.5” group at 2.260” and ended with a1.25” group at 2.245”.... going to make some more rounds at 2.245” with 23.6-23.8-24.0 grains of 8208 xbr, and try a load of 2.240” and 2.235” oacl to see what I end up with.
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    The Nosler 70gr RDF thread!

    Found a flat spot at 23.8 grains of 8208 XBR moving the bullet at 2800 FPS. Rifle has a CLE chambered Kreiger 17.9” SPR barrel. L/C brass, #41 primers and 2.260” OACL. Testing seating depth from 2.260”-2.245” oacl to see what it likes!
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    The Nosler 70gr RDF thread!

    TAC and CFE223 are both no bueno in my rifle. Have 8208 xbr coming from the brown truck today and will shoot another load ladder and find my nodes...
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    The Nosler 70gr RDF thread!

    Gotcha.... I’ll be picking up some 8208 if TAC can’t get it done.
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    The Nosler 70gr RDF thread!

    Is that in an AR?
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    The Nosler 70gr RDF thread!

    I found a good node with TAC at 24 grains, moving the bullet at 2700 FPS out of my Noveske with a 16" barrel. Im loading some up for friday and will try them in my 3 AR rifles.
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    The Nosler 70gr RDF thread!

    Is this still a thing?
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    Any AR loads for 70gr Nosler RDF?

    I want to the range today to shoot load ladders with the RDF and Tac and CFE 223. I found a good velocity flat spot between 23.8-24 grains of TAC at 2700 FPS. I did not have any pressure signs on the brass at all. CFE 223 didn’t give me any useable flat spots to persue. I may try 8208 XBR. I...
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    Larue vs. Daniel Defense

    I bought a LaRue PredatOBR with a work bonus and loved that rifle. This rifle was the first premium large frame AR I ever owned and was very impressed with the fit, finish, and function of the rifle. I traded it for a GA Precision bolt gun, and it was the best trade ever made. I had an...
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    Berger .224 77 grain OTM with AR comp??

    I'm cooking up some loads for another rifle with a CLE chamber and will shoot for accuracy this weekend... I let everyone know what happens. I have a sneakey suspision that my Noveskie 16" upper does not like AR Comp and the bergers...
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    Berger .224 77 grain OTM with AR comp??

    Thsat looks really good!