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    Who here hunts with their designated precision rifle?

    I hunt w AXMC in 308 Win for white tail, molies, antelope and hogs. In a stand no problem w single sling and backpack. For backcountry I use a biathlon sling or a gunslinger backpack.
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    G1 vs G7 for 308 SMK 168 grain BTHP

    I find Strelok Pro to be more user friendly.
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    Prayers needed:

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    How can I tell if I hit a steel target 800-1000yds away?

    Use a remote camera system...TargetVision is my preference. In 5 years or less we will be using personal drones with real time video to identify hits on targets.
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    AI AXMC Negatives???

    I have an AXMC Long Action with 300 WM, 308 Win and 6.5 CM barrels. I run it in comps with 6.5 CM. No problems. With habdload it shots one hole at 100 yards. I hunt with the 308 Win for white tail deer.. all DRT. For Muleys and Elk I prefer my 300 winmag barrel. I have other custom rifles...
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    Deciding on scope power

    Forgot to state I run a S& B PMII 5x25, AXMC, 6.5 CM, 308 Win and 300 Norma. Remember you can always dial down...but not past your max mag on the scope.
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    Deciding on scope power

    Up to 15 x for steel target at 1000 yards. For identifying where on steel 25x. Up to 25x on paper targets beyond 250 yards. Looking for 0.250 to 0.50 MOA on paper. Mirage up to 25x.
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    Strategy for handling shifting wind

    The bullet flight tells the truth...always with good ammo. The challenge is to shoot at a given point, watch the splash, then when conditions are similar make the appropriate holdovers. If you shoot under different conditions from the splash...fubar.
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    .308 ELD, ELD-X, TMK loads

    I run Lapua Palma brass... better tolerances than large rifle primer Lapua brass for 308Win. Deer drops dead right there using ELDX.
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    .308 ELD, ELD-X, TMK loads

    IMR 4064, 42.3 grains, 178 ELDX, 175 Sierra MK, 175 Berger OTM. 20” barrel, 1:10 twiist
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    .308 Winchester

    Thank you gentlemen👍
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    .308 Winchester

    How manhu grains of Varget and brass type?
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