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    New Member! Help me spend my $$!

    The S&B PMII 5x25, Razor II or Nightforce all FFP scopes.
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    How are you using your RCBS Chargemaster

    My Chargemaster is on a different bench.
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    Spuhr mount, need a second scope level??

    Let’s try one more time.
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    Spuhr mount, need a second scope level??

    Here is my rifle in PRS comp
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    Spuhr mount, need a second scope level??

    I put a SendIt digital level on my rail in front of the scope mount.
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    Your “go to” hunting rifle?

    My AXMC in 308 Win, 1:10, 20” barrel,w Thunderbeast CB7, Hornady 178 ELDX.
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    Who here hunts with their designated precision rifle?

    I hunt w AXMC in 308 Win for white tail, molies, antelope and hogs. In a stand no problem w single sling and backpack. For backcountry I use a biathlon sling or a gunslinger backpack.
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    G1 vs G7 for 308 SMK 168 grain BTHP

    I find Strelok Pro to be more user friendly.
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    Prayers needed:

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    How can I tell if I hit a steel target 800-1000yds away?

    Use a remote camera system...TargetVision is my preference. In 5 years or less we will be using personal drones with real time video to identify hits on targets.
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