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    6.5 creedmoor throat erosion at 1k rounds

    You should Inspect the barrel for copper buildup. If necessary clean accordingly.
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    First time reloading. Where to go from here. 6.5 Creedmoor

    Repeat the test in 0.2 grain increments from 41 42 grains.
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    Chronograph Suggestions

    If you go with the Labrador, mount it on a solid tripod (so it will not rip over and break). If you go with a MagnetoSpeed and handload, or plant to migrate to handload, I prefer the V3. I have tried both and prefer the simplicity of the V3 (my POI shift at 100 yards is a max of 0.10 Milrads)...
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    Neck vs FL sizing with bushing dies

    Also look at Whidden Gunwerks and dies.
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    Neck vs FL sizing with bushing dies

    Full length and neck sizing dies both work great. Neck tension for turned brass will require a bushing die or a custom die for the turned necks. Concentricity of the turned, trimmed, chamfered and ‘bumped’ brass should be less than for 0.0015 for competition rounds. Some shooters use a full...
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    Powderin' the brass - what method - How fast and what sort of SD's are you getting - any chargemaster users?

    Set the charge master to underthrow, then use an auto tricker to get within 0.2 grains.
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    Crazy drop with 6.5 Creedmoor at 200 yards?!

    Measure the muzzle velocity before you move forward.
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    Condolences to Frank G.

    Frank, My condolences to you and your family. My father passed away this spring and I miss our weekly chats.
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    Point-blank range caliber for deer?

    I prefer the 308 Win, 20” barrel w suppressor. Long barrel life. Very little recoil and lots of factory hunting loads.
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    Desert Tech TRASOL Official Thread

    Has anyone run into this problem.... I put my 100 yard zero in as follows (1st pic) and went to ballistics and predicted a different windage turret at 100 yards with no wind (2nd pic). The difference is 0.06, just curious why it is different.
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    Kuiu, Kryptek, Sitka?

    I really like Kuiu over Sitka.
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    28 Nosler barrel 'sped up'

    I would run five rounds at 3050 FPS with the same jump and expect similar results as before. Assumes you know how many grains to drop from previous load development and insignificant throat erosion. You can verify throat erosion prior to the test using Hornady gauge tool.