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    Practicing with Night Vision ...

    Could you setup a hay bale hide to shoot from for concealment?
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    Long Range Data on a Short Range

    I also love my 308, it rocks up to 800 Yards, then the WEZ starts to degrade. The point about comps is defining and testing your abilities. Identifying weaknesses and strengths, meeting new friends and sharing a cup of coffee and BS.
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    Long Range Data on a Short Range

    Ask questions of experienced shooters, observe their equipment simplicity, video their positional setup if they let you, most people shoot a 6mm or 6.5 caliber. Do not bother to get any more equipment until you experience a match. If you ask they will give you wind direction and speed for 600...
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    Prayers needed.

    We will keep you and your family in our prayers.
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    Training classes near Houston

    Accuracy 1st holds two classes a year at Austin Gun Club. Taught by inactive SpecOp snipers. Great range...5 lanes, paper at 100 yards, steel at 300 to 1000 yards on every lane. Lane 1 also has steel at 1 mile.
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    Wrist worn GPS

    Give Lowlight a ping. He has a Garmin.
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    Who uses LRF Binos for hunting? If so, which one?

    Swarovski...great glass with angle and distance. Never failed me.
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    Reasons NOT to direct thread?

    I had a direct thread TB9 and found that I needed to have TB change it to a muzzle brake mount. This allows me to use it on multiple rifles, as long as they are equipped with TB brakes. Now I have a TB9 and TB7 that I use on several platforms (up to 300 WinMag). Found that when I shot some...
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    Just one

    A rifle is a tool. What is the purpose of the, hunting, long and short rNge shooting, competition shooting, heirloom, and so forth?
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    Help buying an AI AXMC Please...

    My S&B has never failed in 4+ years and I shoot every week.
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    Help buying an AI AXMC Please...

    Where do you shoot?
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    Help buying an AI AXMC Please...

    I have one and enjoy it a lot. It has a S&B 5x25 PMII scope. Run 308 win, 6.5 CM and 300 winmag. Never had a problem.
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    Training classes near Houston

    Second the opinion of Jacob at Rifles Only.
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    Seeing your bubble level at night for long distance shooting.

    Have you looked at Send It digital bubble level? I use it in comps and hunting.
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    questions about range on a 308 w/20" barrel?

    The 308 groupings at 200 yards is 0.76”.