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    DBM conversion for old Savage Model 12? Give Jeff a call. He is awesome to deal with.
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    Info request re Navy "300 Win Mag Sniper rifle" (or aka "pre-MK 13 Mod 0")

    Also check out There is a lot of information and knowledgeable members on that site.
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    I’ll take the tumbler for $100 and pay actual shipping. Chet
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    For Sale: Nightforce NXS 8-32X56, C353 Zero Stop, High Speed MLR Reticle with MIL/MIL adjustments Includes Badger Ordnance High rings P/N 306-09 Bikini cover and original Box. Scope is in good condition. One small ding on bottom in front of the front ring as pictured. Some light wear on the...
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    M18x1 to 3/4-24 suppressor adapter?

    I would try CNC Warrior. Although this would be a custom order, he might make one for you.
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    Lug greese Available at your local O'Reilly Auto Parts for...
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    Help me choose a cartridge for a long action build.

    300WM, Berger Match 215 Grain Hybrid's @ $2.25/round. Brass to reload after you shoot factory Berger ammo. Several other factory match offerings available. Good Luck!
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    PVA Status Updates: Hancock Rifle & NUCLEUS Barreled Action

    Wow, that Sir is unacceptable I couldn't let that slide.
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    Recommendations for Mauser gunsmith

    Yes Sir! Jim has been producing quality work for several decades.
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    Why do all my high end scopes stick in precision matched ring bottoms while installing on a precision 1-piece base????

    azpaleo, Thank you for your service. Please stop. If you choose to go away, don't go away mad. Just please go away.
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    Leviathan Suppressor... any experience?

    If you are effected by this please file a complaint. Use the link below for the KS State Attorney General:
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    remington 700 criterion remage issues update; and help me decide where i should go from here

    i have to agree with one of the previous post. Give us a general location and more than likely the membership can direct you to someone local who can help. You may be able to do a physical drop off, which saves shipping and insurance. A local smith to me did this very same mod to my action...