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    Sar 8. Springfield Armory

    Hesse and D.C. Ind both hailed from MN. D.C. being Dan Coonan
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    Sar 8. Springfield Armory

    Follow this link to tons of information: Sign up and start researching. Lots of information about the Hesse cast receivers. Enjoy!
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    Fryer teach lathes.

    Ron, do tell.......what did you get? Inquiring minds want to know.
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    AAC SD 7.62 modified mount

    SWEET! That is the perfect solution and cost effective IMHO. Thanks for sharing your project!
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    Pre-Fit Headspace Issue

    Ern, Good to see you on the Hide! Hopefully our paths will cross in the future. Chet HogsLife, you chose wisely Sir!
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    The Welding and Metalworking Thread

    Sean, nothing fancy here. Just finish in a Mason jar. Like most I am continually learning. I might try finishing in an old wine cask at some time in the future. Small ones are available readily here. More pictures to come as I have time to work on it. Thank you for the positive input!
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    The Welding and Metalworking Thread

    Keep in mind this is 'Still' a work in progress. I need to plumb up the coolant line. Mount the controls for the heater etc. And before anyone get's all excited, where I reside my wife and I are completely legal to manufacture for our own consumption up to 200gals of pure spirits per year...
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    The Welding and Metalworking Thread

    Side shelf for Still.
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    The Welding and Metalworking Thread

    Stand for recirculation pump and heat exchanger. On casters to allow easy movement throughout the shop.
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    The Welding and Metalworking Thread

    Adapter plate for low noise cooling fans on heat exchanger.
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    The Welding and Metalworking Thread

    gray1974, would this be for fishing lures? Just a guess on my part.
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    The Welding and Metalworking Thread

    A new deck deserves a new handrail. I could not live with the thought of a wooden handrail so I built my own. The cables were fabbed up by the local Rigging shop I use.
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    PTG Mauser dbm

    NO YES
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    Twisted, Any further details on this problem Sir?
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    WTS 270 Win Brass 1X Fired

    For Sale: 237 pieces of Nickel plated Winchester Brand 20 pieces of R-P 4 pieces of Hornady All brass is 1X fired 270 Win Shipped in a Med Flat rate box via USPS Priority Mail $40 TYD Check, Cash, PP F&F Thank-you, Chet