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    FS-BNIB Nightforce 34mm ultralite 4 screw

    BNIB Nightforce 34mm ultralite 4 screw 1.125” for sale. $150 shipped.
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    WTB 6mm Hellfire or Piercision brake

    I have this one for sale.
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    Calvin Elite for Rem 700 or clones

    Used Calvin Elite for sale. Has some blems. $185 shipped.
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    Area 419 6mm hellfire and adapter

    For sale 6mm hellfire and adapter (5/8x24) for sale. Less than 100 rounds through it. $145 shipped.
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    What smith put together the impact?
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    SOLD Foundation / Impact 6 Dasher for sale $3,400.00

    Brass, load data and mags come with this? Do you have some target pics you could send?
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    I'll take this per our pm's
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    pm sent
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    Illuminated -T-MOA reticle correct?
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    Has the cds dial certificate been used?
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    7 saum with Berger 175 elite hunters

    Update: I’m running 57.5 gr of H4350 now and the load is hammering. Haven’t chronographed them yet but I bet they are touching 3000 fps or better. These are not seating depth sensitive it seems. I’m running a coal of 2.97 and 1/2 moa from 100 to 800 so far.
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    Defiance Deviant Extractor

    Hey guys sorry for lack of update. I have been in contact with Cody at Defiance since last week and he is getting me set up. Thanks again!
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    WTT: Decided to keep

    If you decide to sell let me know please