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    300 PRC update

    Email Redding. They will recommend one or two dealers to order through. Contact the dealers and tell them what you are wanting to do. They will order the dies and hold them for you.
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    custom hardwood stock
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    My load is 70.6 H-1000, new Win case, Fed 210 primer and Berger 168's .080 off the lands. 1/2 MOA out of a 26" Bartlein at 3050 fps.
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    Leveling your scope

    Dead level and plumb bob
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    Copper fouling questions

    What Load and velocity?
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    Scope recommendation

    Those are just posted in the optics exchange they are not mine. What about those or the others suggested do you not like? Just asking because that may help narrow things down for you.
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    Dies for long bullets

    Thanks spife!
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    Scope recommendation
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    Dies for long bullets

    Define bottoming out? Before touching what?
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    M700 difficult extraction

    Good news I’d say! Small base for you order should fix your problem the. With the other brass.
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    M700 difficult extraction

    You haven’t told us if you’re using the same load data from your old barrel or not?
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    Ruger American *223* Stock Replacement

    That Boyd’s is pretty sweet
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    Target/Hunting stock - help me decide
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    Flush fit ai mags?

    I have the CIP going on a 300 prc that’s being built. Fits the bill and it doesn’t hang lower than the trigger guard so I was ok with that.
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    6br vs 6 Dasher

    What’s your compressed load data for the 4350? I’ve been interested in trying some...