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    AAC lifetime warranty doesn't mean "lifetime".....?????.....

    Glad they have fixed the terrible CS of the past. They still lost me as a customer.
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    SOLD 50% off Thunderbeast Cert

    Is there an expiration?
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    WTB KAC SR25 10rd mag

    Sent a PM.
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    New KAC SR25 Carbon cutter BCG, SR25 MAMS 3/4x24

    I have a new Carbon Cutter SR25 BCG with the single Ejector bolt, $750 plus ship and insurance, and Two 3/4x24 KAC MAMS muzzle brakes. Both used but you can tell by the pic in good condition. Both short tine. 350 each plus shipping.
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    WTB MPA CSR Chasiss.

    Up still looking for one.
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    WTT S&B US 5-20 - SOLD

    Message sent.
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    WTT KAC M110c upper for S&B Ultra Short 5-20 Pantone T3

    I have a rare M110 Carbine upper I would like to trade for an S&B Ultra Short 5-20 with T3 in Pantone. The Upper has the 16” dimpled barrel, double high gas block, Long tine First Gen MAMS and URX2 Rail with the very rare Mil part number. All in FDE. I’m only looking for that scope in trade...
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    KAC MK11 Factory front flip sight.

    One gone. Only one left!
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    KAC MK11 Factory front flip sight.

    Price drop to 385 shipped!! Want to move it!
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    WTB: a Nightforce NXS scopes out of multiple types

    Deal with Confidence, Sean is GTG!
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    WTB MPA CSR Chasiss.

    Up! Still looking.
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    KAC MK11 Factory front flip sight.

    Used but in great condition. Very rare and hard to find. $465 shipped insured with tracking.