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    34mm showdown

    Riton expanded their line, they have more 34mm tubes, the Mod lines are 2019.
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    34mm showdown

    Riton entire Conqure line for 2020 are 34mm tubes. They have some viable options in this price point. For example, this should land under 1k.
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    Best Production Class Scope 2020 2 very good options. The X5 version is available in Mil or Moa. Of course, the MSRp listed is not street price.
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    Riton mod 7 deal, cheap enough to try...

    They don't mix reticles and turrets.
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    Riton mod 7 deal, cheap enough to try...

    Mod7s are made in Japan.
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    Riton mod 7 deal, cheap enough to try...

    No, it does not, just look it up on line.
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    Someone with quick load some help please

    The QL data provided shows a max of 40 for URP and 41.6 for 204.
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    Riton mod 7 deal, cheap enough to try...

    They have all new lines for 2020, more reticle choices too.
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    6.5 Creedmoor

    Yes, and the new 109s too. Threads on both of them here somewhere
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    New Berger 6.5mm 144gr LRHT

    No pictures, but I just started playing with these. Peterson LRP brass, Fed 210m primers, RL16, seated at .030 off lands. Rifle is a custom Savage 6.5 CM with 28" bartlein 1-8 twist. I found a couple nodes, one is near max around 43 grains and produced 2925 with an ES of 13 for 5 shot group...
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    Berger 109 Hybrid Verified BC

    I just tested mine the other day. 1-8 twist, 26" PVA barrel, 39.3 of RL16 with BR2 primers at .030 off lands. Produced 3034 and was 7.1 mils to 1083 with a trued BC at .335
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    Would appreciate a bit more help on finding distance to lands...tried a bunch of stuff

    I use a cleaning rod in conjunction with OAL gauge. I use the cleaning rod to help work the bullet back and forth, you can feel it touch much easier and I get very consistent #s. You have to use both hands. Holding the gauge in place/all the way forward in the chamber and using my pinky on...
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    Auto Trickler V3 Questions Before I Buy

    mine is set up and throws a charge in 8-9 seconds. Book says to shoot for 10 or less. It does take some playing around with the trickler and the speed lever, but the book instructions are easy and pretty spot on. I found the trickler (tube) needs to be fairly level or slightly tilted up/back...
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    RL 16 for 6.5 Creedmore

    No. But if your rifle has sloppy firing pin / hole, you can blank primers. Small primers crater more with larger firing pins. You can send your bolt in or find a local Smith that can bush it. I went back to large primers. If you are not pushing it hard there is no real need to go small...
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    6mm Creed dies

    I only use Whidden dies anymore.