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    Body armor recommendations...

    Is level 3+ going to defeat what ever the military is using?
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    Body armor recommendations...

    Hahaha yeah that’s plan A . I need a plan B... lol
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    Body armor recommendations...

    What do you guys think would be the best for a shtf situation with UN Troops storming your house? Level 3+ or is level 4 going to be a lot better?
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    Nightforce SHV vs. Viper PST GEN 2

    I owned two SHVs, I liked them as a hunting scope. But the reticle is to thick for me on the FFP version, and the 5mil turrets is a little dated. Good solid scopes though. Edited to add.. I have yet to see any Philippine or Chinese scope compare to even the lowest quality Japanese LOW or any...
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    Athion, Aries, heads up

    Probably Midas tac turret clicks, maybe a new reticle.
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    Body armor recommendations...

    Yes I already have some level 3 plates
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    Body armor recommendations...

    Yes, soft under a stand alone level 3 plate. I was thinking that would/should stop everything a level 3+ would.
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    Body armor recommendations...

    What do you guys think of using some Kevlar with a level three plate?
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    Stock / chassis for savage 112 target

    Randy Wise set the ELR world record with a 112 magnum target in a accurate rifle system chassis.
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    Dissapointed in Athlon Cronus BTR tracking.

    I would bet if you call Athlon, they’ll will get you fixed up in a hurry, even though you’re across the pond.
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    How far below (or at) do you set your zero stop.

    I roll with where ever it ends up as long as it a half rotation or less.
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    Scope Ideas

    Bushy Dmr 2
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    WTB 73gr ELD-M

    I got a box of 100, I can check lot number if interested.
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    When You Feel Guilty About Your Scope Purchase....

    My wife manages a jewelry store. That stuff is marked up 300%! kinda like Chinese optics.
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    If verninshaw backs out, I’ll take 500.