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    Optika 6 4.5-27x50 MRAD opinions

    I absolutely loved the form and function of the scope, I just couldn’t get past the reticle.
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    338 lapua with a mid priced scope.

    I got a savage 112 338 lapua and I have two scopes to choose from in my safe. One is a Leupold 6.5-20x50 lrp, and the other is a Sig tango 4 6-24x50 it’s the new improved version with 10 mill per rev turrets. Which one would fit the lapua best as far as durability? Thanks!
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    New Vortex Pro Rings vs Seekins

    The both sets of UTG poi rings I sold on here had the exact same setup as the XLR rings. Lug, springs and everything. Maybe the guy I sold them to will see this and verify. These ain’t your usual UTG rings. These are American made, probably the same place as xlr.
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    New Vortex Pro Rings vs Seekins

    I really like Burris XTR rings with the inserts.
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    Steiner p4xi vs bushnell dmr2

    The Meopta optika 6 4.5-27 mrad fills both rolls pretty well. I wish it had more grid inside the 2mil horseshoe but it works. If 34mm is a must, the 5-30 will work equally well.
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    New Vortex Pro Rings vs Seekins

    I always thought the Seekins/vortex had unnecessary bulk. Many other companies can make a sturdy ring much more streamlined, I guess there’s nothing wrong with overbuilt. Speaking of bulk, haha I got a set of these coming to try out...
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    Sig Sauer Tango6 LevelPlex doesn't align with reticle - Anyone else have this issue?

    The only way to erase any doubt now, is to send it back.
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    Meopta optika 6 4.5-27x50 mrad

    I just checked out the video, that’s the reticle I was hoping they would switch it to.
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    Meopta optika 6 4.5-27x50 mrad

    It was, it’s well thought out. He designed it to be useful at lower power and still be able to shoot long range with it. At low power with illumination, it was very nice. He called it a cross over reticle for hunting and tac shooting. It’s serves both purposes very well. I needed a better wind...
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    Meopta optika 6 4.5-27x50 mrad

    It was very well built. The reticle is what I didn’t like. If it had better wind holds inside the 2mil circle I would have kept it. It’s great for hunting.
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    Christmas tree reticle question on high mag optics

    If you’re shooting far, most of the time mirage will limit your magnification anyway. I find myself around 10-12 power when shooting 1000+. Early morning I can go a little higher.
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    Payment sent Thank you!