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    Which Die Set

    Tried other dies but alway seem to come back to Redding dies.
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    Hornady 375 cal 390 grain A-TIP G7 .497

    I will see them at Shot so I will ask what the timeline will be for getting them out to the street. I am also going to see if I can get a sample. Don't hurt to ask. I am currently shooting 400 gr Cutting Edge Lazers
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    Lehigh Defense .375 ELR Bullets

    This is just from what I have seen at out local ELR match. The bullets of choice have been Cutting Edge. Some guys are shooting the 352MTAC or the 377MTAC I am shooting the 400lazer. I am getting 2906 with sd of 6 using 129.3 gr N570 with 400 lazer. I did see 1 guy shooting Lehigh no sure what...
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    New EnABELR

    I am not going to change from 375ct to 375 Ena. I am getting 2906 avg fps with SD of 6fps with 400 gr Lazer CE's. Using 129.3 gr of N570. I could push it harder but I have great 1/2 moa or better with my current round. I am not seeking to have a mag length round so I don't see the benefit for...
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    Cadex Defence, flaunt it if you've got it!

    I have an AXMC and Cadex Shadow. The Cadex compares very well to the AI. Both are very smooth. For me the mark of a good action is you never think about it when you are shooting.
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    .375 cheytac load advice

    For the N565 i would start at 127 or 128 the work up in 1 grain increments. I would think you would end up around 131 to 135 just depends were the node is.
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    .375 cheytac load advice

    I am running the 400 Lazer CE with 129.3gr of N570. But i would think if you plan on using the 350 CE or other 350ish gr bullet you could use N565 which is slightly fast burn the N570 and should work well for the lighter bullet. Powder Valley has a bunch of N565 in stock (just looked) and this...
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    Scope rings for 300prc

    I run a 1 piece mount on all my precision rifles with the exception of my SSG-04 .243WIN . They are the Matched VORTEX ring never had and issue even when it was a 308
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    H-4350 fps question?

    I am shooting the 147 ELD-M at AVG 2786 sd=8.6 older 8 lb jug. I just opened a new 8lb jug and the FPS was retested the load and it ended up being 2781 sd=7.9 but the temp is no 20 degrees cooler than when I first worked up my load. accuracy was right at .398 average over 3 5 shot groups
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    Tips to increase target reflectivity for LRF.

    I have had my PFLR 25C for about 5 years and have no regrets buying it. Live in NW AZ so it get lots of use. The longest i have been able to range is right at 8500 yards. No problem ranging 40 inch steel plates at 3100 yards.
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    380 for wife to carry.

    Walther PK.380 Mine has one and likes to shoot it. The slide has a lite pull and the mags are easy to load.
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    The Irishman

    Fuck those Lib pieces of shit!!!!!!!
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    What’s your big bore caliber of choice? 💥

    .375CT good out to 3090 on steel. .338LM good to 2625 on steel. Table by DOA. Went 5x5 at 2195 at SW ULR MATCH
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    Schmidt & Bender and EuroOptic - Distribution in the US - Official Announcement

    I have work with Jason and others at Euro and have NEVER had any issue and pricing was fair or even better than I thought. Thanks for the good deal on my 3x27 H59 S&B
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    Why Even Reload?

    Well for me the cost of reloading my .338lm and .300WM has paid for all my reloading equipment many times over. I have used some factory ammo but it never is quite as good. I guess like the commercial if just ok works for you them that's great but not for me.