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    steiner m5xi-25 question/problems can you move the zero stop?

    If I'm understanding your post, there is nothing wrong with your Steiner. All you need to do is loosen your elevation turret set screws, and move the turret to say, 1.5 mils and tighten your set screws back down. Now you have 1.5 mils of down adjustment. Sight in your rifle, and loosen your...
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    Let’s start a coyote thread.

    Nice! How big was he?
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    When does the step up to "Precision" rings start making a difference?

    Plenty of high quality rings out there, just pick one and be happy. Oh, and use blue loctite on your base and rings.
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    Boyd’s AT-One

    I like it but the LOP needs to be extended to max of you're around average height. I'm 5-11 and it's barely long enough. The adj butt is a little wobbly, so is the cheek piece.
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    Protection for a small head

    The peltor passive muffs also fit small heads well. I haven't tried their electronic ones.
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    Protection for a small head

    The MSA Sordins are good for small heads.
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    WTB CZ 457 At One stock

    Let me know if you have one.
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    Steiner Mx5i Experiences?

    The scopes you're talking about buying will be much better optically than the Vortex Razors or AMGs. I think you'll be satisfied with whatever you choose.
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    Steiner Mx5i Experiences?

    In your price range I would like at S&B, ZCO, Steiner M7Xi, and Nightforce 7-35. Take some time and really study the reticles, I would let that guide your decision. Have you checked out anyone's scopes at your club? Some of them might have some high end scopes. Don't decide which has the best...
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    Steiner Mx5i Experiences?

    What will the scope/rifle be used for?
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    Steiner Mx5i Experiences?

    Yes, it is chromatic aberration. The thing I disliked the most was the lack of depth of field. You have to use the parallax a lot when shooting at targets at different distances. Check out different reticles too. Unless you're stuck on the MSR2. I would go for the M7Xi if that's the case...
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    Steiner Mx5i Experiences?

    I had an M5Xi for a few years. It is a great dependable scope, but I would look at some others in the same price point. I did not like the poor depth of field and CA. I switched to a Minox ZP5 and am very happy. Better turrets, glass, depth of field and reticles in my opinion. If I could do it...
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    ZCO click spacing

    Thank you. It's hard to tell if the clicks have wider spacing from pictures and videos. Is the difference perceivable vs. Minox or Steiner M series?
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    ZCO click spacing

    Can anyone tell me how the click spacing compares on the ZCO's vs other 15 mil per turn SCOPES? I'm wondering if the extra tube diameter made a noticeable difference in click spacing.
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    Minox optics

    Mine has been excellent. I haven't heard of many issues. I compared it to an SB, and the Minox was better. Then again the diopter wasn't set to my eyes on the SB. Look up Ilya Koshkin's posts on the subject. He's got some videos on youtube about it too.