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    STI Trojan 45

    Still available.
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    Now Animal Crackers has become politically Correct

    Truly at the top of someones worry list. Scary
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    STI Trojan 45

    STI Trojan 45 with a few upgrades. Mag well, cleaned up trigger (about 3 1/2 lbs), steel guide rod. Extremely low round count. Located in the KC area (Kansas). $1100
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    Silencerco Free Sale

    Going to check this out at the local dealer today.
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    Guncrafter Industries gift certificate

    Guncrafter Industries $500 gift certificate. Won at a USPSA match. Asking $250. Looking for a Bushnell Elite 1 mile rangefinder (or something similar) if you want to work out a trade. Thanks!
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    Seekins HAVAK Precision Rifle

    Took my 6.5 Havak out today for some 300 yard shooting. Gun is completely stock with an older Leopold scope that I had laying around. The stock is way too low for me to shoot prone. I made a jury rigged cheekpiece out of a rag, 100mph tape and moleskin. That helped a lot. Shot a few...
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    Labradar Opinions

    What are you guys using for an external battery source?
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    Sweet looking rig!
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    Royal wedding

    Slow news week. Royal wedding taking precedence over Russia.
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    Why England needed to ban knives....Ascot Racecourse fisticuffs

    Looks like a great time! Certainly more fun to watch than the races.
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    Looking for recommendations...

    Seems unanimous!
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    Don't Block the %$#king Diesel Pumps!!!!!

    I thought that I had a good grasp on the use of the English language to describe a shit bird, but now I realize I have seen a true master at work. Bravo sir!
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    CMP 1911

    Absolutely correct. Almost all of the 1911's I handled had been around a long time and looked it.
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    Looking for recommendations...

    New to suppressors on bolt guns. I currently have a Seekins in 6.5, and another on order in 28 Nosler. Looking for a suppressor for both. The 28 will be strictly a hunting gun. I called TBA and it looks like their Ultra 7 would work fine. I called them and they are 8 weeks or so out from...
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