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    PRICE DROP PVS-30 Refurbs @ EuroOptic

    I'm interested. Can you tell me what kind of FOM these last units will have generally. Do they have blemished exterior or lenses etc?
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    PVS30 - grade A $4650

    I am interested. What is the FOM?
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    WTT/WTS Nightforce ATACR 5-25 Tremor 3

    Would it be possible for you to PM me a couple of pictures?
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    Checking to make sure. These are the hollowed out Mil-Dots correct?
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    SOLD McMillan A5 Stock

    Can you PM me with picture and cash price please.
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    I'm interested. Do you have a side accessory rail for the NV mount? Is this a KMW MUNSTER type?
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    L-3 cnvd-lr

    What is your experience with this optic? Anyone have one for sale or trade?