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    Democrat celebrates with Palestinian flag..

    Ahhhhh. but muslim Takiya allows you to lie to infidels to advance the words of the prophet! Heads I win, tails U lose.
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    A sign from above...RBG is hurting

    Significant osteopenia,,One of the complications of multiple rib fractures in the elderly is pneumonia , and it can be terminal.
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    If in WA Be Sure to Vote NO on 1639 if You Do Nothing Else, Do This

    Well Cuomo Was elected in NY and look at this plan:
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    Trump Bitch Slaps Acosta

    No use catering to a child...just turn our back and walk out..let the peers pressure him or scream bloody murder, and continue to ignore them. No more press conferences.
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    So, Tell Me: What Does It Say About the Electorate That So Many Total Whack Jobs Have Seized the House?

    What it says of the electorate is that Demographics is Destiny We are CTD Circling The Drain...just a matter of when cancer eats U up....
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    Bad News for Republicans..

    Precisely how I felt in the 60's surrounded by hippies protesting the troop sacrifices in Nam.
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    Governors races

    My state is so far left I haven't voted for a winner my whole life.
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    Help with jeans

    USA Made Lucky Jeans Diamond Gusset
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    Love it when their PC back fires...

    Fo her that is a joke, but for a normal person, a death sentence!
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    The New Hot Girlfriend/Wife Thread

    don't know, but to me she looks older than 8 :)
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    What to do with the caravan.

    Big problem If they cross the line Military cannot do anything posse comitatus U cannot shoot them or mine the border They will invade with women and children in the front of the line If they are stopped they will form refugee camps in Mex. all on TV with the media filming every minute and set...
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    Anyone Notice All of the Politics/Propaganda in Television Lately?

    The Marxist media controls the schools, and the universities They control your children Thus They control the future Soon they will control U
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    6.5 PRC

    American Rifleman latest issue from NRA has an article on this caliber
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    First Man

    When the moon landing occurred I a study nerd in college dorm walked by the TV room and everyone was screaming...I had no idea what they were shouting about and I told one guy in the hallway I had to go study physics and organic chem (summer school), and he said " they just landed on the moon"...