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    Dirty damn communists...

    All it takes for the dems to win is their opponent's lack of will to fight...I am so sick of the wimps who will not engage and Fuc+ the ROE ...there ain't none no more
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    My guess is some steroids were used as well as a ton of hard work

    Look at the facial features...acromegaly , too much growth hormone...yuck!
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    Home security strategy for the ball-less

    Gee in my AO ..The law says U have to be absolutely cornered, with no chance of escape before U can use deadly force
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    New Arms Race, Hypersonic Weapons

    Even before they launch , they will attack with computer and satellite disabling virus infestations (or direct space attacks on our mil sats) leaving Us as vulnerable as was Pearl Harbor to the Japanese at the opening of WWII., No aircraft carrier (for ex) without computers can stop an...
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    09 / 11, Let Us Respectfully Remember

    My father was A WWII VET...served 5 years..around Pearl Harbor day he became quiet and morose...Now I understand what he felt..
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    Ozark Season II

    This show is great..the actors and timing..the stillness of Marty Byrne....really enjoying it.
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    Are you my fucking pussy neighbor, or someone else's?

    My neighbor noticed in the back of my property a tree had fallen (unseen from my house)..never said a wor do me..Got a letter from her attorney..move the tree fix the fence..Now I lived here 30 years ..fence was there before I was here have no idea to whom fence belongs, and long before the...
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    S & B 3-20 Ultra Short

    To move bullet impact up...turn elevation turret CW or CCW.....I will assume down is the opposite :) thanks Simple question...have acquired a used one with no instructions...
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    I Am Spartacus

    Maybe the public should treat him as Spartacus was treated?
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    Obama speech about Trump is just projection of his own failings

    Allegedly said "I" 102 X...what more needs to be said.
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    Man's Best Friend Thread

    Try again... <a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a> <a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a>
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    Man's Best Friend Thread

    Willie's First Snow Bobby Jo and Molly...Best Buds
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    How do you get your new toys into the house without pissing her off?

    My spouse knows a "GUN" from a "Rifle" and that's about it!
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    Ozark Season II

    What is great about bBillions is that you root for the Wall street dirtbags and not for the US Attorney in dept Justice!
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    Ozark Season II

    Coming this week...should be good
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