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    The gift that keeps on giving.

    Both of them caught it with the implement right behind an open Mann tractor. Blew them out of their seats, riddled. Fucked up the tractors and Equip. beyond repair.
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    Cleaning dies

    I spray them out with Carb. Cleaner and go from there. This weekend last I did a .45 chamber brush on an elec. drill with JB Paste to clean up my 6.5 Creedmoor die. Took a while and I knew better than to let it get so bad., hence this thread. Lots of carb cleaner and comp. air and most of all...
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    Cleaning dies

    A few of us that reload a lot may become complacent about cleaning our dies, especially the sizing die. It is easy to take them apart now and then and clean them up. Not so easy when they suddenly start scratching your brass and it takes more force than usual to run them through and you realize...
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    The gift that keeps on giving.

    When I DEROSd from Vietnam, 1970, I had to do damn near 8 months of hard time at Ferris Barracks in Erlangen W. Germany. During those months there were 2 Rad farmers killed when they hit dud artillery rounds with tractors and implements. One was by Bamburg and one near Erlangen. I don't...
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    Bore scope

    I am going to get a Hawkeye with a focuser. I will now watch for a good deal. Thanks Gents, FM
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    Deal alert: Hornady 99240 Handbook 10th Edition

    Thank you, I have one coming.
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    Flat Earth Society

    I want to take that prick to the range and teach him about shooting. Oh, Fuck, an accidental discharge, "My fault, Sorry I blew your cock and balls off. Wait here while I charge my phone up to call for the Amberlamps, it should only take a few hours." "Damn, you are bleeding bad, here is a...
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    Iran shoots down US drone

    I think that all US forces should withdraw from the Middle East area and come home to the USA to protect OUR borders. On the way home, launch all ordnance other than a basic load for defense into Goat Fucker/ young boy fucker territory and let them figure out if that drone was really worth it...
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    Bore scope

    I just kind of want to look at it and see how it is going. Round count etc. Something to do when I can't be at the range. FM I have a few hours I can spare out of my busy schedule.
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    Bore scope

    I'm cool with that all except I want to study erosion as my eyes don't see too well.
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    This dudes lost his marbles...

    I think he and lot of his ilk et al are, BATSHIT CRAZY
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    Bore scope

    Thank you Gents. I think I will get a Lyman also. It should do what I want to do and not break the bank. All I want to see is throat erosion mainly so I know when to start picking out the barrel blank I want to try next and have it on hand when a barrel goes shithouse and I go with a different...
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    They can eat shit an die for all I care

    I sure would like to see some serious welfare reform and an end of Obama phones. Check each and everyone that gets welfare, EBT, WIC etc. and the list goes on, to see if they are really someone who needs it or if it is just a way of life for them. I know it will never happen as there would be...
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    Trump vows massive arrests next week...

    How bout Let's Gitterdone and let the chips fall where they may.
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    Colorado State Patrol lost another one, hit in trafic.

    The driver of the F-250 is cooperating with the CSP. Had it been me I would have gone and rendered aid, if it could have helped and done my best. Then it would have gone to where I requested a Lawyer and my lips are sealed. Trust NO ONE. Sad we are where we are, but rest assured the Cops are...