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    Anybody running the glock 48?

    Well if I can find one I’ll buy it but everybody is damn near had their shelves cleared out already
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    Anybody running the glock 48?

    I’ve had my glock 19 for around 9 years and was thinking I’d go with the 48 to have something more comfortable in the waistband. The 19 has never been vary wrangler friendly. What’s your thoughts on it for those that have been carrying and or pumping out theirs
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    S&B 5-25 PMII Still a Good Choice?

    I ran a couple PMII’s years ago but have come back full circle to them now I have 2 of them and an ultra short. Besides you can find plenty of used one here for sale for honest prices anyway
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    USMC Reorg...

    Funny my buddy I was in 1/1 with at the beginning of the Iraq war that has since been in 5SF was telling me last year they were working on reorganizing back to readiness for a conflict with an adversary like China....
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    Over/Under timeline before looting/breakins start?

    I got my head on a swivel and my glock 34..... I’m good
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    Prepare now

    Lol I literally had this same message passed to me last Friday........
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    Pete Lesbo / I2 BEWARE!!!

    Lol that’s the dumbest statement I’ve heard in a while
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    WTB 6BR bushing full length resize die

    I’m using Redding and have no complaints. Far better quality than the whiddens I tried in december
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    AR Diopter sights?

    Anybody know who has these around? I found a couple sources that may have the lower 416 style in stock but I can’t find any of the Tall versions like centurion arms did a couple runs of.
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    Focal plane choice for a clip on

    After running a PVS 30 for a couple years I’ve come to the conclusion that for me it’s all about having a short FFP optic with a reticle I’m comfortable being able to do all holds and no dialing so that I can do whatever I need to do without trying to jack with the turrets.
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    Anyone ever clean brass in antifreeze?

    Tried the dish soap, white vinegar, salt and hot water mix and it work great and cheaper that buying jugs of ultrasonic cleaner solution shit works wanders into weeds too by the way.
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    Stopping a Tank by yourself

    Dump fuel mixed with a bunch of transmission fluid into the grate covered section at the rear of the chassis at the engine and light it up..... could get hot enough to get the engine compartment going I guess.
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    Howdy from HTX

    Welcome to Houston he’ll on earth
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    New Color NV on Display, Netflix, "Night on Earth"

    Lol saw it on the dashboard tonight and passed it up too. I’ll check it out tomorrow