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    ZCO ZC420 v Kahles K318i v Schmidt Ultra Shorts v Minox ZP5

    I noticed the yellow ring but it doesn't bother me. My Steiner has the same thing, I don't notice it while in use unless I'm purposely looking at the edges. For me it was just the details I noticed in the pictures but if the replies are as jwknutson says I'll take his word for it. I have...
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    In the unlikely event

    Rob half of the hide. Should be some good stuff somewhere. Seriously, if people are not stocking up now well their loss and problem.
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    ZCO ZC420 v Kahles K318i v Schmidt Ultra Shorts v Minox ZP5

    Unless the camera creates some kind of artifact from the Kahles and ZCO the Minox and SB have the best images though the mag ranges from close up to distance followed by ZCO then kahles. Curious what they look like in person side by side. Resolving fine details all are very close, minox/SB...
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    Pawn Stars dude Rick Whatshisname.... is priceless!

    Only a suicidal fool would make HC their VP running mate. Little Hitler is evil but not stupid.
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    Barrel break yes or no

    Always clean a new barrel before you go to the range for the first time. Next use a clean unused bullet and send it down the barrel. Repeat step 2 until you run out of rounds for the day. Enjoy.
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    Iwo - D-Day +75 years

    Used to work at the Yankee Air Museum with a Marine who fought on Iwo. Great guy, amazing stories he told about his time on the island. I had a opportunity to take him to the pre public release of Flags of our Fathers. He was the man of the hour that night. Sadly he passed away a few years...
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    308 loads for PRS

    I use 41.74gr of 4064 with 175 smk. That load stacks the rounds at 100 and very consistent out to 1k. 26in Hawk Hill barrel 41.74gr 4064 175 smk 2700 fp 2.800 COAL
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    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    What truly blows my mind is the police actually responded. "What mam, you have a special needs 6 year old that pointed her fingers at someone like a gun? We'll be right over." I know nothing came of it but still. The proper response would have been to hang up the phone and go on with the...
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    WTF VA?

    So say Trump gets the popular vote but not the required 270 with the electoral college. Now what Dems? You'd basically have screwed yourselves.
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    Communism and the Coronavirus

    Hahahahahaha, not a chance. Half of the prisoners in Stalin's gulags were writing letters to him asking for help and they were victims of some kind of injustice. They never put two and two together and died by the of millions. Same for the Chinese, North Koreans, Cubans, Venezulaians, so on...
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    Virginia 2.0 .....The gun grab is on in AZ

    They have extremely low IQ voters.
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    Lying dog-faced pony-soldier???

    If Bloomberg isn't on any of the ballots and then becomes the nominee out of the blue the shit show will be epic. Especially if say Bernie wins the majority of the caucuses, which he looks like he may do this time around. We could see Antifa turn on their own if that happens and burn the...
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    Lying dog-faced pony-soldier???

    Wasn't the dog faced pony soldiers Native Americans that fought with the US Army as scouts? Sounds like Alzheimer's Joe made a racial slur to that student.
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    NYC May Be Reaching The Boiling Point

    Like California, not soon enough.
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    NYC May Be Reaching The Boiling Point

    Most here either want to or do support good cops but just keep in mind this can get emotional very quick since it has to do with our God given rights. We as a group know or understand the majority of police officers are typically good people trying to do a tough job. But just because one puts...