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    This part "Only the passenger should retain the key or combination to the lock unless TSA personnel request the key to open the firearm container to ensure compliance with TSA regulations. You may use any brand or type of lock to secure your firearm case, including TSA-recognized locks." is new...
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    I suggest you read the laws regarding guns in checked baggage. TSA "locks" do not meet the requirements. They don't meet my personal requirements for security either.
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    Spend my money

    I like building with Aero enhanced receivers and matching handguards. I also look for blems and good sales. I think I have gotten M4E1 lowers for $65, uppers for around $110 and Quantum Mlok handguards for about $70. You can get cheaper but you will miss out on the integrated trigger guard...
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    You can't use "TSA locks" because they aren't considered locks. As long as you get real locks that random airport workers can't open, it should be good enough because no case is resistant to stealing the whole thing. You could do two locks and two zip-ties.
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    Cant wait for a month from now....

    I stocked up on TP. I did it years ago. Not for a virus, I just want to be able to wipe my ass in case of TEOTWAWKI. This time I have been buying some canned sardines and crackers. I haven't been spooked enough to buy months of survival food yet.
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    What you don't understand about San Francisco

    I've been many places in the states where the food was at best third rate. I'm in the South Bay, about an hour from SF but I can get excellent and authentic food of nearly any type because the population is very culturally diverse. There are plenty of down sides but lack of really good...
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    What you don't understand about San Francisco

    When should I come over?
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    Short barrel upper help

    Try to get your department to get you a P90 and the good AP ammo. That is more compact than most PDWs but still has enough barrel to get good performance from the 5.7x28 round, 50 round magazines and super controllable full auto if it's a legit P90. Pistol ARs are bulky and obnoxious by...
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    AR15 BCG Recommendation

    Phosphate is a pain in the ass to clean. I seem to remember the military having some issues with M16s not running when they got too dirty... Nitriding is good enough to use as an alternative to chrome lining in a barrel. The bolt carrier has a much easier life than that. The only reason to...
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    New Tract Toric 4.5-30x56

    No street price since they only do direct sales.
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    The OFFICIAL 'Wuhan' Coronavirus outbreak information and tracking thread. Precautions and what you need to know.

    Today I saw an ambulance and a fire engine in my neighborhood. It looked an awful lot like when an old person has a health emergency. Who knows what it was but there is a ship full of Corona Virus in Oakland. It could be coincidence that it happened during the Corona Virus scare or maybe not.
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    The OFFICIAL 'Wuhan' Coronavirus outbreak information and tracking thread. Precautions and what you need to know.

    If the IMF had its own currency, how long would it take them to inflate the hell out of it? I don't see a down side unless Bernie gets elected and he does everything he can to inflate the dollar faster.
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    What you don't understand about San Francisco

    Don't add too the poop map Mr. German.
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    What you don't understand about San Francisco

    Oh, I have also experienced unwanted attention from members of the same sex and was headed to Pier 14 on the day that Kate Steinle got shot. I stopped to eat on the way and turned around when I heard it was a crime scene. If I wasn't hungry, I might have got shot.