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    Mammoth Sniper Challenge 2020 Discussion

    left via the postman this morning
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    Mammoth Sniper Challenge 2020 Discussion

    Mystery Ranch Pintler
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    Mammoth Sniper Challenge 2020 Discussion

    do you mean backpacks?
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    Mammoth Sniper Challenge 2020 Discussion

    curious, whats the longest distance walked between stages? 2 miles, 3 miles??
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    Mammoth Sniper Challenge 2020 Discussion

    Did you choose the Regular or Toughman?
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    Mammoth Sniper Challenge 2020 Discussion

    I just tried signing up and all it says is " opens today" . Am I missing something?
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    US Optics TS-20X

    Regarding new reticles, I got this email from USO last week when I inquired about the TS-20X: "We have not yet released the additional reticles officially, as those will not be available to ship until August.The two reticles that will be shipping in a week are the MDMOA and the GENIIXR. The MGR...
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    WTS Bushnell DMR II G3 reticle - Reduced

    Whats the Model # on this scope?
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    WTS XS sight systems AR XTI Tritium offset sights ANIB $125

    XS Sights, XTI Xpress Threat Interdiction Sight model AR-0007-4. As NIB. Customer bought sights to put on an AR I was coating for him then decided he didn't won't offset sights. $125 Delivered to first 48 via USPS MO, PP F2F 0% or PP +3% Thanks Todd
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    PRS Production class scope options

    My wife and daughters gave me a MPA BA PMR for Fathers day/Bday and so I'm looking for a scope which keeps me within the production class rules. I've done some searching and haven't really seen anything specific to my question. Please share what some good choices would be! Please note, I own a...
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    Mammoth Sniper Challenge 2020 Discussion

    Does this match follow the rules of PRS divisions ie Production, Tactical, Open? If not can the secondary shooter carry a Semi while the primary carries a bolt action? I ask because my partner wants to use his Dept issue OBR while I'm planning on using my MPA. Thanks
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    Anyone done a spartan race or similar?

    I'm similar to BookHound. I'm 49 and have ran 7 Spartans, in 2018 Charlotte Sprint, Fayetteville Super(hotter than 7 Hells) and Spartanburg Beast to Trifecta. I run these with my wife and Daughter and while it sucks during the event we always seem to sign up for the next Spartan in our area...
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    Leupold Mark 4 with inverted H32

    is this the model thats on sale? Leupold Mark 4 Spotting Scope - 12-40x60mm Inverted H-32 Reticle Black
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    Questions for Florida Hunters

    I'm coming down to Florida in a few months for some guided Hog Hunting. I'm planning on bringing my AR15 in 300 BO, and would like to know if Florida law allows hunting with Short Barrel Rifles and or Suppressors? Thanks Todd
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    Need Load recipe for Larue OBR 16" shooters

    I'm helping a challenged friend find the best recipes for OBR loads. He has a 16" OBR and uses his Surefire can about 75% of the time. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks TB