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    I get Kerik, but why Blago...

    He’s a Democrat machine POS. Let him rot. They should all be in there with him. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-to-commute-sentence-of-ex-gov-blagojevich-pardon-kerik
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    New Palestine

    https://time.com/5773138/trump-israel-palestine-peace-plan/ I have to say, although I hate to agree with "Time" on anything (up to and including the actual time), I'm completely unimpressed in terms of being a "peace plan"...
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    BEWARE Chi Com fakes even in the box store!!!

    This is totally crazy and blew my mind. This happened to a guy in my office and I asked him to send me the story via email so I could cut and paste to the board.
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    Turkey Gnosticism

    Post up your tips, tricks, and secret knowledge for the Best bird. I’m honestly not a huge fan of the traditional baked bird, so I always do something different, and I’m always experimenting. I injected a bird with a whole bottle of Mongolian Fire...