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    WTS - 2 S&B H59. Trade added

    $3050 shipped each
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    Clean out!!!!

    I’ll take #6 the 223 mag
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    WTS - 2 S&B H59. Trade added

    Weekend bump
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    I’ll take it per our pm
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    WTS - 2 S&B H59. Trade added

    Would trade for a S&B with LRR reticle
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    WTS - 2 S&B H59. Trade added

    My bad. $3150 each
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    WTS - 2 S&B H59. Trade added

    Guys I have decided to sell 2 of my S&B pmii 5-25x56 scopes with H59 reticle. Scopes are new in box. Only took them out for pics. They are ccw and dt . Come with box (1 box is damaged a bit), paperwork, and butler creek flip caps. $3150 shipped and insured
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    S&B PMII for lefties!

    Im listing this here so my fellow lefties get first shot at this. Selling my non-illuminated s&b pmii 5-25x56 cc dot. Non locking tirrets. This model does not have the illumination know. It came from the factory this way. I like shooting S&B scopes, but could not run them on my left handed...
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    SPF - Giraud annealer

    Selling my giraud annealer. Has the small, medium and large wheels. Set up with single flame and uses the large propane tank. $425 shipped
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    Ill take it per our pm
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    Bottom Metal for sale

    I'll take the sako nm with mag if its $20