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    For Sale Redding 6BR Competition dies

    Selling Redding 6BR Competition 3 die set #58317 includes Micrometer neck bushing die, Micrometer seating die and a body die. This set sells for $254.99 at Midway. Also will include a Redding 6BR full length bushing die #77317 which sells at Midway for $69.99. That's a total of $324.98 which I...
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    Hornady Match 6.5 Creedmoor

    I'd be curious to see how much powder was in a case and what it looked like. I pulled a bullet and weighed some of my factory hornady 140 ELD-m and it weighed 41.7 grains. Looked like H4350 but I know they use their own blend. They may have switched powders giving you a problem. Low and left...
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    Brass lapua vs other

    I'll second Alpha brass. I started with Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor brass, switched to Norma which was better, then ended up with Alpha which is the cats ass in my opinion. Alpha also solved the small primer very cold weather ignition problems of Lapua by going with an .080 flash hole.
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    Stock Sponge Painting

    I bought some sea sponges at Michaels Crafts Hobby Lobby probably has them too, then used Krylon Camo paints by spraying the paint into the cap then dabbing with the sponge. Finished up with a coat of clear mat Krylon. Has held up well.
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    Atlas PSR tension knob loosens, any suggestions?

    I ran an experiment. I tightened my tension nob as tight as I could make it bare handed. Then I put one of my work gloves on and was amazed how much tighter I could make it. Might not work for everyone but it worked for me.
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    Effect of case volume on 6.5 Creedmoor velocity - some experimental data

    wow! Thanks for the write up. I too have found Hornady to have excessive swings from one piece of brass to another. I went to Norma which is much better, then went to Alpha LRP brass which in my opinion is the cats ass. If you get a chance to score some Alpha it would be interesting to read...
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    For Sale Carbide neck turning mandrels

    I have two PMA carbide neck turners for sale one 30 caliber one 6mm. Used almost not at all. $50.00 each or $90.00 for both.
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    I have 10 boxes all same lot number #5555 $450.00 shipped. 5 boxes $240.00 shipped Post here and PM if interested.
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    WTB Viperskins AICS 1.5 small notch It's the large notch but for $120.00 shipped it's a deal! Let me know. Danny
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    Your “go to” hunting rifle?

    When I was a young man growing up in south central Pennsylvania my Dad gave me a lever action Marlin 336 in 35 Remington for my 14th birthday. Since in the Pennsylvania woods most shots were under 100 yards the Marlin worked pretty well. Iron sights, no scope to monkey with, just a proven deer...
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    Athlon Ares ETR

    What lens caps fit the Ares ETR and where to get them?
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    Bolting safe alternatives.

    My safes in my walk out basement. I poured a second concrete slab 4 inches thick to set/bolt the safe to. Plus I bolted it to the concrete wall thru the back. With a walk out basement you'll only ever get two inches of water at the most so that 4 inch slab is good insurance since safes aren't...
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    Lefty shooting right handed rifle.

    I'm an OLD lefty. When I started shooting they didn't make left handed rifles. When they finally did they just seemed way to foreign to me. Still do so I shoot right handed rifles. Now side parallax on all scopes are on the wrong side for us lefties. We have to adapt, , that's what we do. Will...
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    Custom barrels and copper questions

    Yes, I've had some of those under 3/8 groups, but that's not the norm for me with this rifle. Perfect conditions, no wind, etc.