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    Hiking boot recommendation

    Yep, OBOZ for me. Started out with Merrill's, then Keens then bought my first pair of OBOZ and never looked back!
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    Loose Atlas? The Atlas Tension Wrench is here...

    My Atlas has the old style version one knob. I'm an old guy with I suppose average hand strength. By tightening my Atlas down bare handed I couldn't get it tight enough to suit me. I wouldn't dream of trying channel locks, I've bitched up enough die lock rings with those. I solved the problem by...
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    what bottom metal? Remington 700 footprint?
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    What exactly is the GA Precision 6GT

    I saw mention of this in another post but can't find anything on it. Anybody know what it is?
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    Let me ad that when I couldn't find the Berger bullets anywhere that I was using. I made the switch to another manufacturer that were readily available and as a bonus less expensive.
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    I love my Alpha 6.5 Creedmoor brass and it seems a shame if the above is true. Will I buy again if it's available? Yes. If it isn't I 'll switch to what is available.
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    Woodstock 50th Anniversery Concert

    Yea, well I was at the first Woodstock. I'm 72 and thought it would be neat to take my 23 year old son for something to remember since dear old Dad is battling cancer.. Then I checked into it and found out it won't be at the original Bethel NY site but at the Watkins Glen racetrack. What? Then I...
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    Reloading Blocks

    I'll second the Sinclair ones. Do you really need monogramed loading blocks?
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    Atlas PSR tension knob loosens, any suggestions?

    I keep checking the website but no updates. When will the five sided ones become available?
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    Remington 700 Police missing markings

    The police is also Parkerized.
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    Safest 700 trigger?

    I have a Bix and Andy Tac Sport which has served me well.
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    130 hybrid vs 140eldm

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    NEW PRICES For Sale Redding 6BR Competition dies

    Selling Redding 6BR Competition 3 die set #58317 includes Micrometer neck bushing die, Micrometer seating die and a body die. This set sells for $254.99 at Midway. PRICED TO SELL @ $185.00 SHIPPED First I'll take it followed by a PM please.