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    Your “go to” hunting rifle?

    When I was a young man growing up in south central Pennsylvania my Dad gave me a lever action Marlin 336 in 35 Remington for my 14th birthday. Since in the Pennsylvania woods most shots were under 100 yards the Marlin worked pretty well. Iron sights, no scope to monkey with, just a proven deer...
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    F.S.Berger 6.5 140 grain Hybrids

    Pending: Sold to Larcifer.
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    F.S.Berger 6.5 140 grain Hybrids

    I have two unopened boxes of 100 plus another box with 75 for a total of 275 bullets. Will sell for $120.00 shipped. Paypal friends and family or personal check. PM me with particulars.
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    Athlon Ares ETR

    What lens caps fit the Ares ETR and where to get them?
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    Bolting safe alternatives.

    My safes in my walk out basement. I poured a second concrete slab 4 inches thick to set/bolt the safe to. Plus I bolted it to the concrete wall thru the back. With a walk out basement you'll only ever get two inches of water at the most so that 4 inch slab is good insurance since safes aren't...
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    Lefty shooting right handed rifle.

    I'm an OLD lefty. When I started shooting they didn't make left handed rifles. When they finally did they just seemed way to foreign to me. Still do so I shoot right handed rifles. Now side parallax on all scopes are on the wrong side for us lefties. We have to adapt, , that's what we do. Will...
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    Custom barrels and copper questions

    Yes, I've had some of those under 3/8 groups, but that's not the norm for me with this rifle. Perfect conditions, no wind, etc.
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    Custom barrels and copper questions

    I thought about doing that, but even if they replaced it I 'd have to pay to have it chambered, threaded for the brake, and Cerakoted. I think better to just keep shooting it since it groups fine.
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    Custom barrels and copper questions

    It groups fine. It's not a Bench Rest rifle so 3/8-1/2 inch at 100 yards off the bipod I figure is acceptable. Perhaps I'm just being to critical in comparing to my other barrels and rifles.
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    Custom barrels and copper questions

    I've had a lot of custom Barrels. Shilen, Kreiger, Bartlein. Usually after a minimum break-in copper isn't much of a problem. I clean after every range session regardless of number of rounds fired. I use Bore tech Eliminator or CU2 copper, and Carbon remover, patching and bronze brushing till...
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    For Sale Victor Viper Skins with CTK Precision Mono Pod new Cerakote FDE for AI 1.5

    still available make offer. Someone's getting one hell of a deal. I just have to much stuff on the shelf.
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    Alpha 6.5 Creedmoor Brass users what loads are you using with 140 ELD-M's

    Factory Hornady 140 ELDM load is 41.7 grains of some unavailable powder to us seated 2.810. I measured a new round at the case head and got .46665 after firing it measured .47050. That's .00395 case head expansion! No wonder Creedmoor brass doesn't last. I've always used case head expansion as...
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    Alpha 6.5 Creedmoor Brass users what loads are you using with 140 ELD-M's

    Just tried 37.0 gr of H4350 the case head expansion was .00149 which can be considered acceptable. Perplexed to say the least.
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    Alpha 6.5 Creedmoor Brass users what loads are you using with 140 ELD-M's

    Had to significantly drop my loads due to less case capacity. Curious as to what others are using. Measuring case head expansion between new brass and after first firing just above the extractor groove is giving me .00178 which still seems like a bit much. What are you thoughts? That's with...
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    Snake proofing a yard

    Don't know about Florida but Moth Balls have worked real well in my sheds.