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    Planning out my first AR upper build

    Rifle length gas system is going to be the easiest shooting. I run rifle length gas systems on 18” and 16” guns. In comparison a carbine gas system feels more brutal in comparison. Use a clamp on gas block that is adjustable. That you can tune it to reduce felt recoil, reduce gas in the face...
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    Under Valued/ Overlooked and Sleeper Guns

    I have an early model of the 880SQ that uses the M2000 target barrel. It uses a 15 twist instead of 16. I shoot Aguila SSS rounds and they are stable. You can tell an early 880SQ because it has a bull barrel with screw blanks where the target front sight goes as well as a dovetail blank. It is...
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    Under Valued/ Overlooked and Sleeper Guns

    It was 3-4 years ago at Shylock’s pawn in Tazewell, TN. It is a small backwoods town and that shop has had more rare guns than any other shop I have ever been in. They had a NIB XP100 in 221 Fireball for $650. Saiga shotguns for $350. Had a S&W 41 for $850 that was like new. Anytime I end up...
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    Under Valued/ Overlooked and Sleeper Guns

    I was in a local pawn shop and didn't have the money but they had a cased 357 with three barrel lengths for I believe $500. They had a single 6" 357 for $300. Both were in good shape, used but not abused.
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    Going below 1 MOA at 100yrds

    I love Hiperfire triggers but I have had a few people say their guns had accuracy issues when they used them. I recently replaced mine with a NM two stage. I will see if it makes a difference during the next range trip. I have a BA that did not shoot as well as I had hoped. I also have a BHW...
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    DIY Shooting/Position Barricade

    Here is one I made a while back.
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    Bighorn Origin Build Thread

    100% agree. Zermatt CS is as good as it gets. You get someone who answers the phone EVERY time. You get nearly instant emails. And when they need to do something for you they jump through as many hoops as it takes to make sure the customer is happy.
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    TL3 Vs Origin, what am i sacrificing?

    Measure the firing pin protrusion at the back of the bolt with the handle up. Then measure with the handle down. If you have more protrusion with the handle down you have some cock on close. You can also SLOWLY remove material from the cocking piece until you get to a point where there is no...
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    Using Short Brass in 6.5CM

    Use them, they will be fine. I screwed up a batch of brass and they were .030”+ off of max and worked fine. Now I trim ~.020” under max so I don’t have to trim every time.
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    Crowning a barrel

    I generally use an 11 degree or a flat crown. About the only reason I can see for a chamfer is to make sure the barrel is being spun concentric to the bore.
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    A plea for sanity

    Pretty sure Jesus Christ is a proper name and should be capitalized.
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    AR10 headspace or my die?

    I use SB dies when I initially size brass of an unknown origin. After that I use regular dies. There is no need to own a SB die as long as you have good brass. The reason is some unknown brass will have a larger base diameter from being fired from machine guns or guns that are extremely over...
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    Triggertech pins too long for impact action trigger hanger

    They are 1/8" or .125" in diameter, measure and buy the length you need. You can also use roll pins or spring pins
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    Bloomberg might be out of the race

    Money overcomes all.
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    To whom it may concern; concerning the 2nd amendment and rights of firearm owners.

    I have lost ALL hope in the election process. Trump won by a fluke because all of the polls said Hillary was going to win so a LOT of liberals stayed home and did not vote thinking they had it in the bag. This time they are going to pull out all the dirty little tricks to keep him from getting...