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    anneling question

    i was anneling some Hornaday Match brass and I noticed that none of it turns blue after normal anneling, only way to get some sort of a blue color is after the neck glows red. Other than that most of the brass has either an orange hue to the neck and shoulder or looks normal. any help would...
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    tikka t3 tacical 308

    My local store has one for 800 I know they have good reviews and I have a trg22. .what do u all think of em good deal or no?
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    TRG 22 picatiny rail

    I am looking for a picatiny rail section for the european rail section underneath my TRG to mount it up to my manfroto. If you all could shoot me a link to one I would appreciate it!!
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    elevation change question

    I have been shooting in Ga for the past few years, and I am moving to Co. Question I have is should I redo my load development for the change in in elevation?
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    Longmont CO

    gonna be moving to Longmont here in the next month looking for some areas/ranges to shoot let me know whats out there thanks DJ
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    new noveske 308?

    i saw a picture that they resently put up on facebook showing some 308 rifles..they didnt look like the old N6. anyone heard any news if they are going to do another run of a 308 rifle? be sweet if they went with an sr25 type mag system
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    6 slr owners

    Getting ready to start a 6 slr build A. What powder/ bullet combo you running? B. what barrel and twist you running it on. C. What kind of results is it giving you Got a good idea based on searching just trying to get an idea from the masses Thanks Scouts out
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    weight sorting question

    for those of you that weight sort your projectiles and cases a does it increase accuracy? does it really make a noticable difference? i loath the idea of sorting thru all my cases and projectiles but like all things with this sport it seems to be the little things that improve the end result.
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    trg 22 bolt lift help

    what would cause a trg 22 to have extremly heavy bolt lift. I just put the rifle together per the manual and the way it came apart. Now when i go to raise the bolt/cock it, it is a very heavy lift....not at all like it was before. Any experience with this issue?
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    help me decide what to do with my Leupold MK 4

    Ok here is the deal, I have a mk4 8.5-25x50 M5 turrets on my TRG22 and love it so far. I recently got some time behind a viper pst 6-24 FFP I honestly could not see any difference between the leupold and the vortex. Now If I sold my mk4 I could get a viper and have some extra money. Now here is...
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    SBR and moving question.

    looked all around couldn't find a concrete answer. I have a SBR on a form 1 under a RLT, I am going to be moving to a new state here soon. What do I have to do with ATF to move it. I have seen lots of topics on this issue but most are talking about moving the sbr and having it changed back to...
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    help me out with an issue old 700 6mm rem

    ok so here is the deal I have an old 700 BDL in 6mm rem from around the 70's that my grandfather gave me its mint with only 20rnds down the tube. Now I have shot it and its a nice rifle don't get me wrong but i really not to fond of the caliber and the fact ammo is hard to find and expensive. I...