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    New PRS barricade skills stage idea

    There's always gonna be a "locality bias" seeing as most venues that host 2-day national matches normally host a bunch of local matches throughout the season and often use the same props and have similar stages for all the matches. The only way around that is to mandate that MDs have different...
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    New PRS barricade skills stage idea

    I honestly don't see the point of even having a standardized "skills stage"? The MD can pick any stage in the match and have the ROs record the time as a tie breaker. To me, repetitive stages (from one match to another) are kinda anathema to "practical shooting". You shouldn't be able to...
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    Nucleus and steel match ammo

    I don't think Hornady uses Eastern European berdan primers but I could be wrong ;)
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    Armageddon Gear Game Changer Full Size Ava. Pint Sized

    I have a pint-sized waxed canvas heavy fill and an OG size sticky. I use the pint-sized for almost everything, I find it more stable on barricades than the OG because of the heavy fill and it's a great size for a rear bag. It's pretty rare I even lug the OG sticky around anymore, usually just my...
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    Nucleus and steel match ammo

    After I called ARC they immediately sent me the 19 and 25# springs. Took maybe a week or so to show up (and I'm up in Canada so had to go through customs, etc plus it was over the holidays). I watched Ted's video on the Nucleus where he disassembles and reassembles the bolt. I downloaded the...
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    Nucleus and steel match ammo

    Well swapped in the 19# spring and 100 rounds of Steel Match later and zero light strikes. I honestly can't really tell the difference with regards to bolt lift either. My barrel sure likes that Steel Match though!
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    MDT ACC Chassis

    Mine was one of the real early ones, before they came with washers.
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    MDT ACC Chassis

    With my Defiance Deviant Elite, I have just straight bolts torqued to 65in/lbs and with my Nucleus I use washers and 65 in/lbs. Washers don't hurt but I was honestly too lazy to source longer action screws for my Defiance and there's been zero issues so I don't screw with it. I've never had an...
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    MDT ACC Chassis

    I've been running ACCs for about as long as they've been in existence with 3 different actions (Rem 700, Deviant Elite and a Nucleus) and have had zero issues and have never bothered to bed them. Even pulling the actions out of the chassis and swapping barrels/calibers around my new zero is...
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    223 trainer

    I run the 75gr BTHP or ELDM with 25.0gr Varget and CCI 400s in Rem brass. I get 2900+fps out of my 26" barrel and it shoots 1/2 Moa or less. The 75 BTHP is the ticket for cheap practice, decent BC and easy to get to shoot accurately. If you feel like trying factory ammo, the Hornady factory...
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    Ckye Pod with RRS Clamp

    You can also get an adapter for the RRS clamp straight from Key at
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    What's your favorite soft rifle case

    Any idea where the SERT cases are made? Says imported but made with US material. They look like just what I want for my new 19" AR-10 but I'm pretty big on not buying things made in China.
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    Cans, Brakes, Impacts & Trace

    I don't have that choice (as my govt doesn't allow us to have suppressors and man would I like one) so I run a brake but I'd add that with regards to seeing trace, caliber makes a huge difference. I almost never see trace when shooting my .308, rarely see it (generally prone) shooting my 6.5...
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    Recommend a bag for carrying my Labradar that doesn't say "steal me" on it.

    I got a Cabelas double pistol hardcase and took the foam out. The Labradar in it's padded bag fits in as well as battery pack, cables, etc.
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    Nucleus and steel match ammo

    I'm hoping the 19# does the trick as I don't really want increased bolt lift.