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    Ammo Prices: The Panic is On - Big Time

    wow, cheap but impressive results! does the $23.50 include any amortization of your equipment, or is it just ammo components? does it include new brass, amortized/re-used a couple of times, or used brass from the start? one of these days...
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    Brownells changed their “forever guarantee” return policy

    i don't have any case law to throw at you, but a seller's written policies (returns, warranties, etc) aren't just 'courtesies' that they can honor or ignore at their whim. if they have policies, and you relied on them when making your order, then you can hold them accountable if they don't perform.
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    Brownells changed their “forever guarantee” return policy

    well they (seller) certainly have a legal 'right' to accept a return. i think you meant 'obligation.' but they do have an obligation to the extent of their stated policy.
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    New IWB Holster for G26

    got a tulster aiwb for my glock 43x a few months back. has the belt clip. super easy off and on, stays put, minimalistic and relatively comfortable.
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    Ammo Prices: The Panic is On - Big Time

    might want to lay low on the backyard bbq's for a while...
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    Hurt Feelings and Swearing

    HURT FEELINGS AND SWEARING oh, i thought this was about me, re-siding my 3-bay garage from masonite to vinyl siding. almost as fun as re-shingling it a few years ago.
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    USMC gets behind "action shooting" including tactical LR matches

    it's great to see MIL and LEO out at the various shooting matches. vs us weekend warriors, their everyday lives actually depend on their marksmanship and gun handling skills and frankly i'm a little disappointed to not see more of them out there.
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    Looking for a Dog's Name

    Dammit. Here, Dammit. Stay, Dammit. No, Dammit. or maybe Stay. Here, Stay. Fetch, Stay. Heel, Stay.
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    Stiffest upper receiver for long heavy barrel

    other than more weight, which isn't necessarily a bad thing in prs, what's the downside(s) to 24" vs 22 or 20?
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    Schoolgirls discover Chicago cop's gun in restroom

    gun left in bathroom, check. desk pop, ___
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    Help with 1st PRS Scope

    find a prs match near you and go spectate. everyone will let you look thru their glass and you can ask around what works and what doesn't.
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    Any USPSA shooters here

    mine has the viper, i think 6moa. with that freedomsmith trigger, it's a pretty nice gun, certainly for the money. there is some tiny fishing lure split ring that supposed really helps out the trigger pull, changes the geometry slightly, haven't gotten that yet.
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    Redistribution of assets (aka mugging) in Brooklyn NY

    put and keep the animals in friggin jail. not enough space, too bad. not enough food, too bad. everyone wants to take our guns but the actual criminals run around with impunity.
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    Seal Team TV

    that was a good episode and this is a good show. BUT, why all the family crap and drama? all these shows (swat, deputy, hawaii five-o, etc, etc) would be awesome if they just focused on the cops and robbers aspects. i know they all have home lives, and so do i, and i just want to see them at...