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    Other good podcasts?

    Sarcasm man. Are you asking my opinion about your podcast?
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    Show me your McMillan’s

    I ordered a McWalnut because of this pic. Very nice.
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    The Fix from Q

    I thought I read that I saw pics on this thread, but it could have been on one of your AR’s or one of the posters modifications with Limbsaver pad. Thanks
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    The Fix from Q

    I heard there was gonna be a recoil pad redesign. When will we see these?
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    The Fix from Q

    Any chance of a .300 Whisper?
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    The Fix from Q

    Any plans for the Gap 6 Gay Tiger?
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    Light weight bolt rifle

    Only on Snipers Hide....
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    (SOLD)5 Round AICS Acurate Mag (New)

    I'll take it. PM on the way
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    22 creedmoor load data

    Not suppressed. 3,500 should be pretty easy quite honestly. I started crunching powder up around 46 grains so backed off to the flat spot in velocity just for ease in developement, but saw nothing in terms of pressure that would have scared me off.
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    22 creedmoor load data

    75 ELD-M's 45.5 gr RL 26 ADG 6 Creed brass CCI 200 3,470 fps in a 21" 1-7" GM from Keystone
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    Q made a chassis

    Makes a lot more sense than the Fix to me. Modularity of the 700 with AICS mags and fairly light weight to boot.
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    why did ARC suspend Barloc sales?

    Barloc gets pulled but you can still buy the mags? Makes no sense.
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    WTB Redding Type S FL sizer 6 or 6.5 Creedmoor

    Let me know what you have.
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    Dillon 550C, UniqueTek Toolhead w/Clamp Kit + Foster Micro Seater = No Fit.

    I have a few of the Whidden tool heads and prefer the standard Dillons with the Uniquetek clamp kit and an O-ring under lock ring for seating bullets. Those dang pins get in the way and you're stuck using their lock rings which are too big.