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    Powder funnels

    Bling! I was using the see through green RCBS one for 30 years, then got board with it...
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    Powder funnels

    21st century with 10" drop tube for 6 Dasher, Extreme for the rest.
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    Shoulder won't bump but no feeding issues

    I’ll add that I had the same issue on a Forester die in the past, several folks on another forum had same issue at the same time. Seemed the dies were out of stock for a while, they became available and several reported the issue. Any other die I had (Redding, RCBS, etc) worked fine. I sent...
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    130 RDF and 130 ELD-M Velocities

    I never did any work ups on the 130 grain bullets for 6.5 Creedmoor, but the Prime Ammo loads were running mid 2900s out of a 26” barrel when I tested a few boxes. Seems it would be easy to replicate with RL16 or something slower. Sierra and Berger seem to show that also with the 130 Class...
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    Reloder Powders for 6.5 Creedmoor

    Reloder 16 has worked well for me, I have not tried 17 or 26.
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    A&D FX120i labscale reloading upgrade with V2 auto trickler review.

    This quote was from another forum:
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    So who are you using for 6 Dasher chambering?

    PVA built me a 6.5 creedmoor and a 6 dasher, both rifles shoot great when i do my part...
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    Regulator and gauge mods for Giraud annealer...edited to add volt meter...

    Thanks for the detailed video and write up!
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    Won a Burris Optics 50% off certificate....what do you you guys recommend?

    Two 5-25 XTRII scopes and they work great.