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    Unconditional Apology

    Real men do it and take the pain instead of the same old dog and pony show. That shit sandwich is so fucking stale it's hard as a rock now.
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    Mils at 100 Meters?

    Please to meet you. My name is Major Major Major Major. You can just call me Major.
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    Mils at 100 Meters?

    I've seen this image in all the Chosin Reservoir books but they are in B&W.
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    1917 - Anyone?

    It goes by quick because it is single shot cinematography. It is just the characters immediate area. What they can see or experience right there in the moment. Like a comic book in a way. Also, not having even a basic understanding of the overall carnage and chaos will leave some people...
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    Old People. Everywhere

    :) I guarantee you people every year fall to their deaths off the Grand Canyon and not on purpose. Most are young and put themselves in that position but are not thinking about how much they put into SS or pension on the way down. What is good for the company is good for everybody. Lol
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    Old People. Everywhere

    You do realize it is based in actuary. That it is based on risk and uncertainty? You starting to get my drift, lol. Look both ways crossing those tracks, or, how about not looking?
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    Old People. Everywhere

    Thread Killer
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    Old People. Everywhere

    Fuck that, I'm 61 and vested now.
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    Old People. Everywhere

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    Nevada 30 day shutdown/shelter in place

    They are coming up with these stupid rules knowing they will get a certain acceptable level of compliance because a lot people are acting like cunts. That includes senior citizens. Example, my wife's boss is in his 80s and keeps coming into the office. His wife, who is still recovering from...
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    An organization I volunteer for is a FEMA partner. Has anyone seen one motherfucker wearing FEMA identifiers? FEMA lineage comes from our old Civil Defense Force. Remember this logo? These used to be the people that would be distributing such things as TP right now. It was designed to...
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    Can someone explain to me why all other flavors except spearmint Skoal are absolutely awful?

    My great aunt Pearl dipped that powder snuff all her life. She survived tornado injuries in her 70s that put her in a nursing home. She was one crazy East Texan. She lived into her 90s. I would keep her supplied with those brown bottles, lol. Anyway, I switched from original Copenhagen to...