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    Atn ps15 blinking left eye?

    Looks like a pair of Reed Switches for the helmet mount auto cut-off. Appears as though the glass capsule is shattered on one of them, hard to say for certain. Those glass capsules don't take to applied force, it doesn't take much to break them. Was the left tube having the issue before the...
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    Identifying Russian Tubes

    Go to EKRONFEP Gen3 Image Intesifiers then select the appropriate image intensifier series, in your case select EPM 222G-10-11. This should get you the technical drawings and performance specifications for your tube (ЭПМ 222Г-10-11А/EPM 222G-10-11А), if that's what your after.
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    PVS14 to Spotting Scope Adapter

    Maybe this Night Vision Adapter or possibly something from MonoLoc...
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    Finding Trustworthy NOD Builders?

    I'd first get in contact with SH member Surgeon_Shooter. Alternatively there are also these top guys: Ryan Hoover of Nightlong Industries (Iowa) Rich Ishihara of Ultimate Night Vision (Texas) Jason Crum of Ident Marking Services (Texas)
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    Mission Impossible - Someone figure out how to mount a PAS23

    The dovetail plate on the NIVISYS MUM-14 is what you want as it is perfect replacement for the OEM 1/4x20 plate. I scavenged the dovetail on the unused side of my MUM-14 for this, though I'd imagine you could get one directly from NIVISYS FWIW: The OEM plate does have a dab of adhesive so...
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    L3 'Smart' Part Number Cypher Keys

    FWIW to those who don't have the time to search this out in the public domain here's a newly complete cypher key to L3's 'Smart' part number system. FYI it is limited to 1580 specifications without configuration/performance modifiers. 1xxxx _ _ - _ _ - _ _ _ + _ - _ _ _ _ 6 Digit Tube Format...
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    INTENS™ Night Vision Revolution

    Even though real info is scant, that which is on the website sure makes this tube tech a bot tantalizing. INTENS? by Photonis
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    AN/PVS-4 Gen 2 and Gen 3

    Had some fun under the stars with a PVS-4, TVS-5 and a whole lot of tubes. Did not have time to finish the TVS-5 segments, unfortunate as that was my favorite due to the MK-880 being mounted to the TVS-5 objective. I'll revisit it at some point though. AN/PVS-4 with Gen 2 and Gen 3 25mm image...
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    IR Hunter; Mako Shark of Thermal Scopes

    Wow, IR Defense really nailed the expressive spirit of high tech; clean lines, elegantly simple form and rational functionality! It appears most versions of the IR Hunter are currently available for purchase directly from IR Defense: IR Defense Systems * A digital (EBAPS) variant, IR...
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    Android Therm-App

    Another thermal option for smart phones, this time it's for Android systems. Therm-App? High-Resolution Mobile Thermal Camera - Therm-App