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    Prime Ammo Moving Sale Exclusive

    Thank you Prime. Two cases of your 22lr will be well appreciated for several years of family fun.
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    Laser range finder for hunting conditions

    I would recommend the Nikon Black 4K. Its a bargain at its price point (399.95 at Midway right now with free shipping) and should meet your requirements. You can never have too much ranging power. Sunlight, sand, snow, wind (dust), fog, rain, target size and reflectivity all can significantly...
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    Just another new guy

    Welcome. Its good to have another champion of the sport/way of life.
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    New rifle suggestions ???

    I second a custom on that budget or buy the AI. I think you will be happier in the long run and they will retain value better.
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    Gain twist barrels?

    About 5 months ago I too placed an order with Bartlein (6mm 8.25-7.5 twist) and was also advised to stay with an overall 3/4" twist difference. What I still don't understand is why such a small gain (3/4") when all the benefits theoretically are maximized by maximizing the gain twist...
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    Message replied to.
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    Good Guy List

    xXlojackXx it gtg. Buy with confidence.
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    xXlojackXx Good To Go

    Just purchased a T7T triggger from xXlojackXx and it was a pleasure doing buisness with him. The item was as described, communication was perfect, the item shipped promptly and was packaged well. Would reccomeend doing buisness with him again.
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    Bolt lift comparison

    I'm very interested in this as well. Bolt lift is obviously not the number one concern for an action but it it's a luxery/feature worth quantifying I believe.
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