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    A & D FX120i & trickler questions

    Any calibration mass will be good enough as long as the mass doesn't change. You are only looking to reset to a known standard. You can base all your loads off of that. If you reload on someone else scale it might not be exact due to the tolerance of the weight.
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    2019 Guardian Long Range Matches!

    arizona-match-registration-dec-14-15 Independence Training Center December 14-15
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    Digital scale/autotrickler set up recommendations

    Just got the Area 419 Autotrickler upgrade for $200 (center base, cup, and trickler base). This was worth the cost of the upgrade. The trickler is virtually silent now due to the increased mass of the base and the scale does not walk at all now with the centering base/cup. Before if you moved...
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    Prime Update Video

    Yea. I figured RUAG was trying to squeeze PRIME for more money. To try and get out of the contract by putting them out of business is criminal. RUAG wasn't interested in the US market until PRIME was successful. This is definitely not how you try and win over customers.
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    Prime Update Video

    Where is to GoFundMe? Or Jim could take take donations in the form of future credit.
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    Spectators Sport

    This has been mentioned a few times during the podcasts so it got me thinking. What makes a spectators sport? People just need to find something interesting to watch. People watch golf. It is not exciting and it is slow. I don't know how they do it for hours on end, but they do both in...
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    Precision Reloading Setup From Scratch.

    It decreases the time of the powder loading, but also allows you to do other things while it is dispensing. I seat a few primers and then start dumping powder. After a charge is dumped I pour the powder into the case and replace the cup. While the next charge is dumping I am able to seat...
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    Precision Reloading Setup From Scratch.

    The Autotrickler is the way to go. Decreased my reload time (prime/powder/bullet) by 50% and maintained low SDs. Worth the $900.