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    Kestrel Meters Ballistics Official Thread

    Ok thanks I appreciate that. I forgot to mention the firmware in the Sig has also updated.
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    Kestrel Meters Ballistics Official Thread

    I am not sure if this is the correct thread for this but here goes. I am running a Kestrel Sportsman that has been upgraded to an Elite. It has FW 1.23. I just bought a Sig 2400BDX and have them paired using ABE. The Sig will get a range, send it to the Kestrel which will display a solution, but...
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    Eberlestock G4 Operator

    What kind of frame does it have?
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    6.5 CM: optimally stable 140 ELD-M vs. marginally stable 147 ELD-M

    147 ELD-M at 2650fps. I have shot this out to 1158 yds at Lodi and any missed targets were my fault. Spend less time worrying and more time shooting.
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    WTS IGW Adjustarail System Ingenuity Gunworks

    How long is the rail? Can you take a picture I want to see how many mlok slots it has.
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    NRL/Border War name

    The series has been named that for several years prior to the recent events, and shares a similar name to a national TV show. Just out of curiosity, are you from a state that participates in this regional event? Are you thinking about joining and that is why you are concerned?
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    Kestrel 5700 elite V1.23 applying waaay too much spin drift?

    Hmmm lapua does list that G1, but Euro optic, Midway USA, and pretty much everybody else lists the higher number. Maybe two different bullets? Anyway good luck with sorting it out, I am out of ideas!
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    Kestrel 5700 elite V1.23 applying waaay too much spin drift?

    All this metric nonsense is giving me a headache 🤪 but isn’t your G1 number too low? I thought it was listed by Lapua as .329.
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    Imported carbon fiber tripod (RT90C)

    The Sunwayfoto GNN XB-52DL.
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    Imported carbon fiber tripod (RT90C)

    My RT90C came in today. First impressions are positive it pretty beefy but pretty light weight compared to my aluminum tripods. My ballhead should be in by Friday and I hope to get out this weekend to try it out. I bought a used one on Amazon. It came with the factory packaging still on it I...
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    Boomfab is GTG

    Bought a magnetospeed V3 from him for a killer price. He shipped fast, no drama, gave an accurate description, and had good comms. Excellent transaction.
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    Scott's Free Recoil Demo - Sort of....

    I just took a class with Jim See last summer he was teaching the same technique Scott is using.
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    KRG Bravo Fit & Finish

    It’s a deal breaker for me too which is a shame I really like the MDT metal mags.
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    KRG Bravo Fit & Finish

    Please do a little research before posting misinformation. From the MDT website: “Howa 1500 / Weatherby Vanguard actions Only our polymer magazines will work in the short action rifles due to the flat bottom. The long action rifles will work with the metal 3.715" magazines without fitting. For...