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    EOTech Vudu 1-6x SR3 Reticle

    Bump, Drop to $945
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    10x fixed effective range

    There is no legitimate debate possible if you can't even tell the truth. You state that I suggested "you need" a 10x. I never said "need". All else being equal, you will hunt later into the day with a fixed 10 power than with a variable. If you can't prove that statement wrong, just agree with...
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    Why did it have to be Leupold...

    Vudu 5-25 fits all your criteria.
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    10x fixed effective range

    Uh...ok. Didn't you just make my point? Maybe the term "gather" is what you are hung up on? It will get more light to the eye, period.
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    10x fixed effective range

    A fixed 10x with a large objective, all things being equal, will gather light better than a variable. This is why pronghorn antelope gurus that shoot across open areas @ dawn and dusk will swear by the fixed 10x. So this is in fact, a scenario that the fixed 10 will fill better than any variable.
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    Scope for a 6lb Rifle

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    @Nouseforaname01 is good to go. Great communication, nice guy, quick payment, will trade again. A+
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    SOLD: EOTech Vudu 5-25x Ultra Short Riflescopes

    This one is sold pending funds.