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    What's Your View II

    @1J04 looks like you had a lot of fun. In a few years I'll get to do that. For now its blanket forts. With him and the dog.
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    What's Your View II

    Daddy let's go fishing. So us 3 went down to the pond. Still 5 ft low... no luck maybe if the dog would stay out of the water. Went down to the creek and across. Have a pond that doesn't hold water, dug too deep. Daddy get me a frog. So we went to the other creek and looked for frogs. We...
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    10mm help subsonic

    Before you say just get a 40 45 9 Read the post. Helping a friend who wants a do all pistol. What he wants to do. 1.Home defense subsonic and a can. 2. Take backpacking/ fishing in bear county. We can find lots of great factory ammo for bear defense/ outside use. Not finding much on...