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    Okay leftys we get it.......

    Revisionist history at its finest. The article mentions a three part series where this nutbag was a consultant, maybe it’s time to start writing the networks that are willing to put this garbage on air.
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    Daytona 500 tomorrow...

    Wait until the second term.
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    Daytona 500 tomorrow...

    My buddy offered me four tickets to the NASCAR race in Phoenix in March. I’ve never been, so I’ll probably go for the experience.
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    ATF trying to facilitate gun registration

    I’ve got NFA stuff, so I’m already on all the lists. My former dealer kept his completed forms in a wooden file cabinet with a couple cans of white gas and a box of strike anywhere matches on top.
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    It takes self control NOT to caption this

    Ready the Harpoon! I didn’t realize that Whale Wars was shot on land? I think the load capacity for that electric grocery chair has been exceeded significantly. I think I can hear it crying.
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    A plea for sanity

    I’ll take a couple misspelled words or missed commas over the abbreviated texting version of the English language. How fucking hard is it to type complete words like “you” or “are” rather than “u” or “r”... I proofread posts before hitting the button and will edit if I made an error or...
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    WTF Alabama......

    I think that children should require a permit. The standards could be something like 600 SAT score and not on any kind of public assistance. We need to stop the multigenerational welfare families where the people keep squirting out more kids to get additional benefits, then when the kids are...
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    Today’s political humor bomb.

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    Shannon Really Must Like Cheeseburgers

    She’s certainly doable, but her friends look like Wilson Phillips.
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    VPN services?

    I used Nord and an Australian server to download three seasons of Rick and Morty from Netflix, seems to work fine.
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    Shannon Really Must Like Cheeseburgers

    I just watched this video with the wife. I couldn’t stop giggling at the stupidity and my wife was complaining that the stupidity made her head hurt. My wife suggested cock slapping her with a tenderloin.
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    Remodeling gunsafe interior?

    The steel long gun rack in my Sturdy safe is the most efficient thing I’ve found. I had them remove one of the bars and space out the rest, so my 48” wide fire lined safe has 5 racks that each hold 6-7 long guns. I can fit an honest 33 without difficulty, and a couple thin ones in the back of...
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    Caption this Trek fans.

    Kirk - I didn’t know they came in green, we better go on a 5 year mission to find it Spock - very logical, Jim
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    VPN services?

    I went ahead and subscribed to NordVPN. It was easy to setup on my iPad and android phone. I’ll set it up on my computers today.
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    VPN services?

    I have paid access to Suddenlink the 2-3 days per week I’m home, but the rest of the time I’m on someone else’s network, public WiFi, or my mobile data plan. The Airbnb networks are usually someone’s Cox/Comcast network that I’m using, but you never know what else might be on there. I have a...