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    What Did You Spend On Your Valentine's Day Extortion Payment???

    Nothing, we don't do birthdays, Christmas or any of that stuff.
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    No one is ever going to do anything

    I've been saying that for a while, nobody is going to put down their phones, get out of the climate controlled houses to go to war. People will continue to sit around until the conditions you describe. I am sure I will catch a bunch of shit for this but some of us have to have our medications...
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    CZ 457

    Been thinking about sending mine off.
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    Vector prefit....dosent prefit.

    The Sako trg I bought used came with a 6 creedmoor barrel and I found that out when I thought I would grab a box of ammo when I didn't have time to reload. I will see if I saved a cartridge that I chambered, I couldn't believe how far it set the bullet back.
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    The Welding and Metalworking Thread

    Some of the welders for the exhaust systems are in a whole different league than most. Your work looks good, I haven't done much tig so I know I can't do that well. I was planning on buying a tig until I had breathing problems. I really wanted to try to get to where I could fab and weld cages...
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    The Welding and Metalworking Thread

    I used the 8" cast iron. The 90⁰ triangle was my most used but the second link is handy for when the other wouldn't fit inside of the part. They are like an extra set of hands when trying to hold something on a mark to tack it. I tried various magnets and didn't really like them...
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    The Welding and Metalworking Thread

    Thanks, I really enjoyed projects like this. It's a stainless trailer so I welded the uprights to the trailer. The top railing has a strong gas shock that assists in raising it and it has a stop to stop it at 90⁰. I originally had two shocks on it which made it raise very easily but it was...
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    The Welding and Metalworking Thread

    I was going through some pictures on my computer and don't think I posted this project. I built the hand rail and stairs on this slurry trailer so it would be safer for the truck drivers. I made the top rail collapsible so it would be under 13' when folded down. Fun project but took longer...
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    Man, this getting old thing...............

    Great stuff for pulled muscles and tension headaches. Doctors don't prescribe it like they used to though. I haven't been prescribed it in probably 10 years.
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    FS-ERA-Tac 30mm adjustable scope mount

    What height is the mount?
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    Where would you move to from a future Socialist America?

    Yet anytime someone mentions they can't have a suppressor in their state, everyone says move. Isn't that telling people to run?
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    Best 9mm pistol or carbine options

    Is the trigger decent once upgraded to the timney?
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    WTS Norma and RP 7SAUM brass

    I will take the new rp brass
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    Rem 700 Extractor

    Did anyone mention the counterbore on the barrel may need opened up for the m16 extractor?
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    Price’s Law: Why Only A Few People Generate Half Of The Results

    The company I quit last year seemed to want the turnover rate so they could pay $12 an hour to start out vs. $22 topped out. They had engineers making shit dummy proof so people with minimal experience could build the trucks. They kept dumbing it down to the point it made it almost made it...