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    How Much Recoil Does The AR-9 Have?

    Looking to do the same for my boys, just not sure what barrel length would be best. Thanks for making this thread (y)
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    Pondering in the throne room

    Raise your hand if you ever had to go back to the bathroom... just to re-write. 😂🤣
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    Another wizard from the Bernie Campaign...

    You can't, he's white. You could if he was brown skinned though🤣
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    Anyone notice something missing from the Dem debate last night

    Down right fucked up.
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    Latino Neo-Colonialism

    Yea, cuz there are no pussy hat wearing, bleeding heart, trans, binary, misgendered whites that are fucking up the country too. C'mon the fuck on dude.
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    Freckle Butt Fred

    Me and the family were checking out of a hotel one morning and this lady walks in with her daughter a bit behind her. In the little girls hand is a leash and we were expecting to see a small dog of some sort. She is calling the animals name like a kid would... and around the corner comes a...
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    Freckle Butt Fred

    Once again... fuckin white people😆🤣
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    When someone complains about your Trump sign........

    Need one of those cardboard cut outs
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    Why do you drink

    As ol Hank said... it's a family tradition. But the wife's family drinks more than I do:LOL:
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    Trump Commutes Blagojevich's Prison Sentence

    Maybe so they don't bitch when he pardons certain other ppl... I dont know... just a guess
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    Sitting in the ER on a Sunday night

    That is the hot corner, sometimes no matter how much you try... no can defend. Glad he's OK Lookout for signs of a concussion
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    Nine state compact

    How do we get something like this started between AZ, NM and TX?
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    Shannon Really Must Like Cheeseburgers

    😂🤣 Fuckin white people 🙄 #AvoiceforRose #RosewasGreatSteak