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    How many of us have lived through this virus already?

    Virtually positive my boss & I got it at the Seattle boat show last week of Jan. Was pretty sick for a week then just not well for at least 2 more after that.
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    .300wm - .300wsm

    I have 1500 ELDM 225s down the pipe in my Benchmark 9.5 tw 28" tube. .015" jump with 74.1-74.5gr H1k depending on lot. 2800fps. They put 1hole groups @ 100 & under favorable conditions I've gone 7/10 rnds at a mile with them.
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    Otto noizebarrier vs peltor 3m tep-100/200

    I've had my Ottos for 2 years and love them. A few weeks ago 1 of them went south. Battery crashed. I called them and had a return shipping label emailed in minutes. Sent them back and they warrantied them no questions asked. Have a brand new set after about a week & a 1/2. We'll see how long...
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    Brass Sizing Dwell Time

    In my experience it not only effects the shoulder but the necks as well. I leave them in for a 5 count & my seating pressure is more consistent.
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    Time lapse through the scope video? Am I imagining things

    I had thought of an ammo temp change but just a couple weeks back I chrony'd my loads after switching powder lots. Made an adjustment & tested again the following week. MV was normal in 33-34* temps. Same load that day only 1-2* cooler. Lately our temps have only fluctuated about 10* during the...
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    Time lapse through the scope video? Am I imagining things

    Entirely possible. I don't pretend to know exactly what the cause was. I'm surmising that it was a refraction causing the change in poi. For all I know there could have been a 20 mph updraft but I highly doubt it. I would think the fog movement would have indicated that. We certainly saw or...
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    Time lapse through the scope video? Am I imagining things

    Conditions were as follows: Temp 32*F Press 28.06" Hum 79% Over the last 3 weeks I've been trying for a CCB shot on a 10" rock @ 1439 from the exact same FFP. Temps were within 2-3*. Humidity & press was also nearly the same. Always I was within .1 mil on that rock. The wind there can be very...
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    Time lapse through the scope video? Am I imagining things

    If I had the the time & ammo it would have been very interesting to have reversed the shot firing back to the FFP to see if it remained the same, changed, etc. That was about double the vertical of the "norm".
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    Time lapse through the scope video? Am I imagining things

    My buddy & I saw the most refraction/displacement I've ever seen today. Was shooting @ 1645yd across the valley in fresh snow with near calm wind & morning sun @ about 10 o'clock in relation to the azimuth. We both had to dial .7-1.0 mil higher than normal today. Started with the 1st and...
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    Bushnell Customer Service

    When I first got my 1600 LRF binos I found that the laser was aimed far below the reticle. I called. They sent me the info. I shipped it & about 2 weeks later it was in my hands again. The laser isn't centered perfectly but close enough. Very pleased with their service.
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    Best Places to Shoot 1,000+ in Western Washington?

    There are several places where I can shoot out to a mile or near a mile. Biggest problem is that nearly every time I've revealed one of these places it gets over run & closed down so it takes some work for me to trust people enough. Second problem is about 1/2 of those spots are well above snow...
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    SHWW V.2 2019 MWWGA

    Unfortunately that is the problem. Up where I shoot is some of the last places that I can shoot. Everyone has to come up here or cross the pass. If you're interested in shooting with us at my spots pm me & we'll talk.
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    SHWW V.2 2019 MWWGA

    Near Mt. Vernon.
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    SHWW V.2 2019 MWWGA

    Where are you? No specifics just relative.
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    45 Colt loads

    I use H110 in my 45LC. I'm not in a position right now to check the charge but I'm safely pushing a 360gr Oregon Laser Cast gas check @ 1200 fps in a 7.5" Ruger SBH.