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    Who still owns their first gun?

    First firearm was a Cricket 22LR single shot bolt action. Bought it when I was 8 yo. Split firewood and sold it by the cord all summer until I had enough to go into the local Bi-mart and drop $100 on the counter. My dad was there with me and I was young, but I don't remember him having to do...
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    Doug from Camera Land is off to SHOT Show

    I always enjoy reading your daily reports with the vendors you meet with that day. Looking forward to seeing this years reports.
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    QuietBore 22LR Titanium Suppressor Build Review -***Approved Form 1 Required***

    Happy as all get out with my 22 and 9mm cans from QB. I did not get a booster for my 9mm as it is only hosted by scorpion evo and an AR9. The booster is not necessary for a fixed barrel rifle or PCC or a pistol without a tilt barrel design like a Beretta 92. This lets me run more baffles...
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    Hello from AZ

    Hello from Peoria.
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    “Top 10 Things I Learned on Snipers Hide in 2019" (2nd annual)

    I learned: - that there is still a solid group of guys who pretend they are assholes but still step up to help unmet brothers on the hide -That there is still a huge amount of respect paid to veterans of previous wars -I will constantly learn about unique, weird, historical weapons, vehicles...
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    What do you hope will be revealed at SHOT Show? Or 2020 in general.

    I am about done holding my breath for a Vortex Razor AMG 3-18. The Burris XTRIII 3.3-18 when they field the illuminated version is likely going to fill that void. Be nice to see the AMG 3-18 show up and be ready for purchase, but I doubt that will happen.
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    Hoplite Arms

    This is coming together very well and the more I see the more I am impressed. It is nice to see you actually putting plow to field and building the damn things. Too many times you hear about new, innovative ideas and all it ever amounts to is endless talk and designs on paper and nothing ever...
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    Our Man in Ireland,

    Don't have his contact info, but perhaps he will see this thread on the hide. I always like to see updates on Eddie's saga and battle. Sorry, to hear this update isn't all great news and roses. I wish him the best and hope he gets thru whatever it is quickly.
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    Magpul Ruger American 243

    Yes. I actually have a Ruger American Predator in .243 in a Magpul Hunter stock and am using the mag that came with the hunter stock with zero issues. I tried to answer that question in the other thread, but I didn't articulate it well enough. When you buy a Magpul hunter stock made for the...
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    Ruger American *223* Stock Replacement

    I have a .243 Ruger american predator in the Magpul hunter stock and a 6.5 CM Ruger American predator in a Magpul hunter stock. I have had zero feeding issues with the mag that comes with the Magpul stock for the Ruger Americans. I have had issues using the magpul AICS mag for the Rem 700...
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    1 snowflake can make campus dangerous

    Just East of Corvallis in Albany you will see the highest concentration you have ever seen of adult men riding BMX bikes. It is ridiculous, and they ain't riding them for health reasons. Tweeker/DUI central. Went to OSU years ago. They had a functioning small reactor and were mandated to...
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    SiCo Omega end cap.

    I assume you'll post up here when the cerakoted Ti caps are online and ready to purchase.
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    Opinions on HD Binoculars in the ~ $600 range

    I have the older Vortex Viper HD 8 x 42 and just purchased a second set of the new gen Vortex Viper HD 8 x 42. Weight is dang near the same on both. The new gen has a wider FOV and seems to be a bit better at light gathering at dusk plus was a little cheaper than the old Viper HD 8 x42, The...
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    Someone explain radio scanners to me

    Tagged as I am interested also. The amount of info out there is rather overwhelming and contraindicatory. Paging @Gunfighter14e2 He seems to have solid experience with radio tech. Me, I'm only good for SC/PT and couldn't ever get an ANCD to fill so know nothing about scanners and multi...
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    Military Jeopardy

    I am glad to see this thread flair back up. I always enjoyed it. Contributed the bits I could. Gave up on ever being able to stump this group. Way to much depth and breadth of knowledge here.