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    Seekings 30mm .92" high rings

    No longer in need of these, so my loss is your gain! These are in great shape, prior owner painted them which should be easily removed. Sold as is, I'm asking $75. If I have to remove the paint for them to sell, the price is $85. Both include shipping in the US. No trades. Any questions, just...
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    I may have spilled some Hoppe's on the wall.. *facepalm*

    That could be, but Doug has been rebranding a lot of his products lately, so the change may have been planned all along. Either way, I REALLY enjoy his products! Doesn’t hurt that he’s a local as well. Give his stuff a try, you’ll like it!
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    I may have spilled some Hoppe's on the wall.. *facepalm*

    I laughed, but no. AvGas (100LL) smells like ass cakes until you burn it. THEN it smells good. The smell of unburned AvGas has many, many good memories associated with it for me, but it smells far sweeter after combustion. It’s rather sulfury before. Your women smell like they have bowel...
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    DeNiro’ still getting money out of the deal, yes. But the above post is pretty accurate. ;)
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    *SOLD!* ARC M10 QD-L 30mm 0MOA 35mm high - *$180 OBO!*

    Apparently the used market for ARC stuff has tanked, I guess. I need this gone, so I’ve reduced it to $180 and will consider offers. If you need a 30mm mount, this is one of the two best options out there along with Spuhr. Snag this at a significant savings!
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    *SOLD!* Surefire E2DL 5/200 lumen model - *$75 shipped!*

    Just the Surefire left! I’ve been running one just like it for the past eight years. They take a helluva beating!
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    How does a 15yo US Optics SN3 stack up today?

    I enjoyed the SN3 I had, when I had it. But I sold it because as much as I wanted one, it lacked features that a more modern scope possessed. Glass on mine was excellent though, and I actually really like the original GAP reticle. The problem is, I want a more modern reticle for regular use, and...
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    *SOLD!* Daniel Defense A1.5 sight set

    *SOLD!* For sale is a set of Daniel Defense A1.5 irons. Both front and rear are in absolutely excellent shape. I still run a rear on one of my uppers, and I LOVE the A1.5s. They're simple, yet very robust. I run my Aimpoints with a lower 1/3 mount, so if they ever die (and I've had a T1 crap...
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    *SOLD!* ARC M10 QD-L 30mm 0MOA 35mm high - *$180 OBO!*

    I can't believe this is still here! It's perfect for an AI, RPR, large-framed AR, or other chassis system with an AMG or any other 30mm optic!