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    Favorite pistol caliber

    Favorite EDC - 9mm Hunting - I don't handgun hunt really, but a good .357 is hard to beat. Packs a good punch, but isn't over the top on recoil even with hot loads. I will state that I'm looking to pick up a J-frame sized .38SPL revolver (probably an LCR) for pocket carry when I'm around the...
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    Smith and Wesson Model 19-4

    I had a VERY nice 66-2 4” a few years back that got sold to fund flight training. I miss it dearly! The action on that thing was sublime, and it was accurate as all hell. I’ve had a few revolvers, but that was one that really spoke to me. I’ll have to find another sometime. OP, if you’re going...
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    Vortex Razor News?

    Yeah, that video was a little Paul Blart, but oh well. And why can't we just have regular numbers instead of the goofy sci-fi style ones in the photos? All that aside, it looks decent. I may have to pick one of these up and change my plans a little bit...
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    Hello from AZ

    Howdy from Chandler!
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    Podbean App Problems

    The Podbean servers had some issue a few weeks ago that affected a bunch of users, per their comments on their App store reviews. I had an issue where I couldn’t get more than about 20 episodes to load for any podcast. Ultimately, I logged out of the app, deleted everything related to Podbean...
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    Vortex Razor News?

    We gotta tell the hordes this every year... :ROFLMAO:
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    *SOLD!* ARC M10 QD-L 30mm 0MOA 35mm high - *$180 OBO!*

    Yep, marked as sold in the title and thread, so long gone. :)
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    Scope desires of 2020! What are you looking for this year?

    This is a great list! I'd expect nothing less from the minds of someone like you. Now, if only the manufacturer's would listen... ;)
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    Vortex Razor News?

    Beat me to it. I'm absolutely interested, as I've been thinking of building a DMR type rifle next, so I'll have to see how this shakes out compared to the 1-6x, but I'd imagine most of my work would be in the 6-8x range, with 10x being for daylight conditions where I can lay prone and get nice...
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    Scope desires of 2020! What are you looking for this year?

    Add me to the AMG 3-18x/4-16x crowd. I want to upgrade from a PST2 on my SPR, and the current Gen2 Razors are much heavier than I find ideal on a small-frame AR. An AMG as stated previously would be perfect! This is the second (third?) year that we've wanted one. The AMG is an amazing piece of...
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    Vortex Razor News?

    Ah, gotcha. Perhaps (if real) they're only offering a BDC in MOA adjustments? Nobody uses BDC anything in mrad, but lots of BDC options in MOA out there. Just a thought, but I see where you're coming from now. Either way, fingers crossed on a smaller, lighter AMG option! I checked last night...
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    Vortex Razor News?

    And? The EBR-2C and EBR-7/7B/7C were the same name for both mrad and MOA... I hope it’s true! Now we just need either an AMG 3-18x (I’d settle for a 4-16x if I HAD to...), or a 22-26ish ounce Razor Gen3 3-18x and 4.5-27x! @MElank got a link to the original reddit post? Edit: yeah, yeah...
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    Oh shit.. Redditor confesses to killing Trump supporters at nursing home. Tries to backtrack. 4Chan's got him by the balls.

    Ssshhhhhh!!! Don’t tell them yet, let as many of them air their idiocy out as we can!
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    If you could only own 1 gun for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    This is the correct answer. One lower, properly set up, would allow a host of applications from 0 to 1000m.
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    US Optics Foundation series

    Yeah, I was just about to post about this. Honestly, while I love the classic USOs, their recent efforts are too little, too late. Their prices are still outrageous in comparison to most other optics, unless they’ve made some Earth-shattering changes. I don’t see too many folks paying $2000 for...