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    WTS: Leica 1600-B

    Price Drop
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    GA Precision Jager

    Just saw a video of this guy on FB: Interested to see how it compares with an Ultra 5.
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    Terminus Actions

    Reach out to Hawkins Precision.. Nick D. Will hook you up with the correct latch for the Hawkins BM for running AW's.
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    WTS: Leica 1600-B

    Price drop
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    "Scope reticle free agency"

    TT with a MIL-C.. or really anything but GEN III XR
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    SPF: APA Gen 3 Little Bastard

    SPF to @ManOfSteel
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    SPF: APA Gen 3 Little Bastard

    Brand spank'n new. See pics for details. $175 shipped. No trades please.
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    SPF: Accurate 300 WSM mag

    It's yours.. sent you a PM.
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    SPF: Accurate 300 WSM mag

    New, unmodded WSM mag. $60 shipped.
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    WTS: Leica 1600-B

    Used 1600-B in good working order with all packaging. $275 shipped. No trades please.
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    Leica PRS 5-30×56 with PRB Reticle

    You are correct, he was in fact running a TT this weekend.
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    109 Hyb CDM Issue

    6 GT with 36.1 gr. H4350 @2935. Things line up really well to 660 using magnetospeed velocity. Had to take .2 off to waterline at 900 and around .3 off to waterline at 1,100. This was my first time out with this combo so will play with it some more. Running a 1:7
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    109 Hyb CDM Issue

    I've had very good luck with the 105 Hyb CDM with Kestrel 5700 AB by slightly adjusting velocity to line up my firing solution. The 109 Hyb CDM seems to deviate at farther distances (beyond 700 yds). Tweaking the velocity makes too drastic of a change at the shorter ranges. Just curious if...
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    6GT Project/Range Report

    Thanks.. that is good to know but it's not something I really care for. H4350 seems to do it less for a given speed.