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    Alaska shooters?

    Yes the AK group is mostly fakebook based, Alaska Precision Rifle Competition will have a large amount of the prs type shooters as well as Long Range Shooters of Alaska. If you need gear go to Wiggys, if Marc can’t get it for you give the Bowman guys a call. They are in Fairbanks but will figure...
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    Sandman Ti not concentric.

    Sorry to hear this man, humans make mistakes unfortunately but I’m sure dead air will right this wrong. If they don’t get back to you soon shoot me a message I know a few tricks to getting ahold of the right people.
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    Best Can for 300 Norma Mag

    And before anyone gets butt hurt, currently all the other options either weigh 10x, aren’t as quiet, or can’t hold accuracy.
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    Best Can for 300 Norma Mag

    Has anyone mentioned the 338 ultra😂. But seriously get the TBAC. It’s really the only option out there unless your looking for one that doesn’t work very well.
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    308 AR10 Build Info/Picture Thread

    Seekins sp10 builders kit, barrel, adjustable gas block, bcg, geissele national match, magpul prs, jp silent capture, tbac ultra 7, mdt arca rail. A little bummed that they didn’t do an XL length gas system as I wanted to run the Seekins throw lever adjustable gas block but such is life.
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    SB PMII 5-20 Ultra Short

    Bump still available
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    SB PMII 5-20 Ultra Short

    $3,000 Schmidt and Bender PMII 5-20 Ultra Short Black DT MTC Turrets MSR reticle Tennebrex Scope caps Had the turrets installed at S&B USA last year with a tracking test Approximately 1500 rounds on the scope itself, 750 of which after the new turrets were installed. Medium height ARC rings...
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    Two stage triggers are my jam, I’ve got two Tubb t7ts, B&A Marksman, Cadex, and a Tacsport. All great triggers and I’ve got gripes with all of them in one fashion or another. T7t takes some work to get it to fit in most bottom metals, life goes on. Marksman is awesome fits in everything and I’ve...
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    2019 Sniper's Hide Cup - Individual & Team Event

    Anyone got a ballpark time of how late things will go Sunday? Team mate has to be back at work Monday morning. Trying to figure if I should arrange separate transportation to the airport Sunday night.
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    Manners eh series and proof barrels?

    B both are scendaro contours. Thanks, they turned out great I though too. Built them for a friend and his dad for a sheep hunt, ended up taking his final sheep for his grand slam with it.