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What's your favorite WW2 and older bolt rifle and why?

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  • What's your favorite WW2 and older bolt rifle and why?

    I have very little experience with old rifles and would like to find out what the more accurate types were and what was special about them.

    I'm trying to find out which old iron sight rifle to get to shoot informal long range competitions with. I met a group of shooters that have access to 1100Y on steel that shoot "old iron sight rifles" for quarters and I would like to be competitive with my own old bolt gun for the same purpose. Many years ago I used to own a sporterized Swedish Mauser but never shot it past 200 yards. It shot pretty well and would get 1.5-2" at 100Y. I also liked the low recoil of 6.5x55.

    One of my fears is buying a old rifle only to find out it shoots horrible. Is there a Co that builds up old bolt rifles with new match quality barrels?

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    Originally posted by kraigWY View Post
    Old thread but I'm gonna chime in anyway.

    For accuracy, one only had to look to the CMP Vintage Rifle Games where these rifles go head to head.

    The best scores fired are those of the Springfield's. The cut off scores for the Springfield is higher then even those of the Garand, in addition to the Military (other rifles) as to the badges awarded.

    Also, if the CMP Vintage Rifle Matches the Springfield's out shine the others.

    Granted, you will find an exception at a given match, but in the games overall, the Springfield wins.

    My favorite is the M1903a3. I can like the sights better then those on the 1903. As to the Vintage Sniper, I go with the A4. Granted the M1942 style win more matches but I'm army, I cant be shooting a marine rifle.
    Kraig, the Marine rifle doesn't win more because it is more accurate than the A4, it wins because of the 8 power scope compared to the 2.5 power scope of the A4. I have built about 4 A4's, because you can use any sporterized 03 or A3 as a base and not have to ruin a good 03 of any variation, and they all shoot well. Several other comments about the 03, A3, are the ammo they used was the M1 ball ammo, which used the 173 grain bullet and most 03 and A3 and Garand's are more accurate with 175/180 grain bullets, than with the 150 grain bullet. Also in the 70's, the 1917's were popular for building magnums, but the actions had cracks in them, when they were magnafluxed, so none of the guys I knew had one built into a magnum and most stopped shooting them. Also, I used a sporterized 03 as my main hunting rifle, from 69 until I stopped hunting big game, in Washington and then Alaska, in the 90's, but I still have it and shoot it some.


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      Love all this info, I have wondered this exact same thing for awhile. I have always been into modern rifles and want to buy a couple older rifles, this cleared up a few things.

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        K31 hands down. Then the Swedish Mausers. The Finnish M39 and the Lee Enfield No 4 tie for third place.


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          Ok for low recoil and distance going to be hard to beat the swede. But no one has mentioned the K31 that I have seen. You can use Surplus ammo and be right in there. I've shot mine out to a grand and if can get the aperture sights for it not giving up much to scope. Something to think about.
          I'm just waiting for the voices in my head to wake up.


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