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Clip-Ons for Sporting Rifles?

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  • Clip-Ons for Sporting Rifles?

    I am considering getting a clip on of some kind for my "critter guns".

    My needs:

    Identify small varmint species at 100-150 yards (raccoons, skunks, opossums), and the occasional fox, coyote or bobcat. Not hunting as much as just taking opportunities when they present themselves from scanning the open land around the house at night. There's usually something out there almost every night.

    QD mount to move between my 10/22 and Anschutz 64 based 17 HMR. The 10/22 has a Burris Veracity 5-25 and the Annie has a Viper 6.5-20. And how do I mount something in front of the scope on those sporting rifles with nothing but barrel in front of the scopes?

    Is this doable?

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    As far as I know you'll either have to have a stock mounted rail attachment like the Badger EFR or a rail that clamps onto the barrel. Clip-on's are relatively heavy so a pretty stable mount is required. They're great for AR type rifles because of all the railed fore-ends. For sporting rifles, you have to decide to have a dedicated mount. The clamp on barrel mount could work but, depending on your stock and optic it might be way too forward to properly co-witness. Personally, I wouldn't clamp anything on my Annie's but that's personal of course. They do make a clusterscrew looking mount that attaches to your day optic and projects a rail forward for your NVD to hang from, but I can't imagine on your set ups that the rings would be high enough for your dangling clip-on to work anyway.Another option would be for a thermal sight, like the Flir RS series but of course now your rifle is pretty much dedicated for night use. Another option would be to have a thermal monocular to spot the vermin and then once identified light them up with a spotlight and shoot them with your day optic, just an idea.
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      Armasight has a mounting system that clamps direct to dayscope objective. Been looking at one of these myself, but haven't found much info on how well they work...


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        Thanks. I'll look into these. I do typically use a light and the traditional scope, but some of the coons are getting pretty wise to the light, after seeing family members lost to it.


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          Originally posted by knockemdown View Post
          Armasight has a mounting system that clamps direct to dayscope objective. Been looking at one of these myself, but haven't found much info on how well they work...
          Interesting, but I'd definitely have to get higher rings.
          I could get a chassis system for the 10/22 and go that route I suppose, but it shoots stupid good in the factory laminate.


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            From what I looked at, you could get individual objective clamps for each scope & transition the unit between them.
            In the same boat as you, have a couple hunting rifles that would be cool to have NV/thermal on. Just don't want to go the route of adding a front rail. If I did, Badger makes the LR-EFR for 'light rifles'...


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              Very nice! That badger system looks doable. I'd inlet the 10/22 stock, but I'm not cutting into the Anschutz!


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                I guess I could always try the Ebay and hardware store method. LOL


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                  That DIY stuff is a fun rabbit hole to explore! I actually have all the parts to build one, just haven't gotten around to doing it. IIRC, the NV camera I have is an E-700. Search for that, and you'll see all matter of gizmos...


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                    I bounce this clip on from this 308, to my 556 rifles and even my 300wm. Its the Armasite CO MR
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                      A PVS-9 SIMRAD clip on would do the job.

                      Youd have to convert to Badger rings in each and every gun you want to run it on.

                      I've got mine on a 6-24x scope and I can use it to 12x and 200 yards with great clarity. Haven't got a chance to stretch it further yet but I've been impressed so far.

                      Can be found between 1800-2400 and with mounts fairly regularly.


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                        Just got my new chassis from mcree for my savage fvsr. This thing is fricken fun as hell. Suppose the clip on is much lol

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