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Thread: Customized 10/22 *** Ruger + Kidd + Green Mtn + More

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    Customized 10/22 *** Ruger + Kidd + Green Mtn + More

    UPDATE: SPF to bogeybrown. Thanks!

    Smooth and accurate, this heavily customized Ruger 10/22 is a great shooter. Here are the details:

    * Ruger 10/22 Receiver ($150). "Old new" style finish with smooth silver paint. Painted, but nicer than the current "crinkle" finish. One hairline scratch on the right side that's mostly covered by the stock.

    * Kidd Bolt ($100).

    * Kidd Bolt Handle, Guide Rod, and Spring ($36).

    * Kidd Bolt Buffer ($6).

    * Kidd Captured Receiver Pins ($22).

    * Kidd V-block ($22).

    * Kidd "Complete" 10/22 Trigger Assembly ($175). This is a Kidd trigger job kit (trigger, hammer, sear, disconnector, and pins) installed in a Ruger poly trigger housing, plus a Kidd auto bolt release and a Kidd extended magazine release. I bought this unit pre-assembled from Kidd. No tuning or tweaking required. This is the cleanest single-stage 10/22 trigger I've every used. Very nice! [Note: The red 2-stage trigger shown in some of the photos is no longer for sale.]

    * Green Mountain 17.5-inch stainless fluted muzzle-weighted barrel ($180). Fat and heavy, but balances perfectly. The "Bentz" chamber is outstanding! It likes almost any 22LR ammo, but it LOVES match-grade ammo. Surprisingly good with CCI Mini-mags and other high-velocity ammo.

    * Black laminated carbine stock ($120). Has a wide channel for a free-floated heavy barrel. Nearly perfect condition.

    * Custom rear tang added to the back of the receiver ($100). This allows for a second action screw behind the trigger guard (see photos). The stock was inletted and bedded around the rear tang for a rock-solid lock up. This is the best receiver-to-stock fit I've ever seen on a 10/22.

    * Tactical Solutions Picatinny Rail ($35). 15 MOA forward cant.

    Total cost of the components is $845. Asking $550 for a local FTF deal or $580 shipped to your FFL. No trades, thanks.

    Lastly, here are some groups that I shot a couple of weeks ago at 50 yards. (The scope was zeroed for CCI Mini-mags, so these slower target rounds went a little low.)

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