Tangent Theta Gen3 XR - details and images

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Well, it is nearly a reality for those that have been wanting our friends in the north to come out with a new reticle. All of you floating dot lovers will finally have an option in the world of Tangent Theta! Expected arrival is first Quarter 2019...

Do you clean your suppressor?

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I sent an Ultra 7 to TBAC to remove the insert to go from direct thread to CB mount. When I weighed the box I thought to myself "that's pretty heavy". I got a call from them the day they received it and they said it should be cleaned asit was nearly...

Athlon Cronus BTR review

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I Thought that since I have thoroughly vetted my Cronus BTR I would give my opinion on it so that it may help someone else make an informed purchase. I am a PRS competitor so I have put this scope through the ringer, engaging targets from 100 yards out...

I'm new to barrels and just got a borescope!

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I can feel the cringe the title illicited, but it's also true. The beauty is, that I know I am ignorant, I know I do not know what I am looking at, and I'm curious and willing to learn. This is the first barrel I've borescoped, and am curious how it...

Field Firing Solutions Update - Version

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Now available for download. Also, remember to update your World Magnetic Model File to the latest version as the old model file has expired and you will experience a warning with each target selection that has longitude/latitude information present in...

Let's just say tomorrow

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the power goes off, no stores are open, no fuel can be pumped, cell phones an landlines are dead.
What is your plan for any of that. Or are you of the block that say it will never happen so why even waste the time thinking about it. If your of the...

Hello, new guy from Louisiana

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Hello everyone, i am new to this site and to long range shooting as a whole. I did do a long range shooting course at K&M last year with a friend and became hooked. I have yet build or buy a long range rifle yet, but am planning on it in the next month...