March 5-42x56 PRS scope

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I've been playing with the new March 5-42x56 PRS scope for the last few days in the March booth at SHOT. There was a lot of interest in that riflescope and for good reasons.

The scope is a nice size at just a smidge over 14 inches compared to another...

Nikon Black FX1000, Very Impressed So Far

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Recently tried out a Nikon black FX1000 ffp 4-16 model. I've compared the glass to several optics including my Vortex PST Gen2 5-25, NightForce F1 SHV, Bushnell Engage 4-16 and a DMR2.
I compared all at 14X using a scope test chart at 100yds. The...

Truth about blueprinting a Rem 700

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Most Custom rifle builders when blueprinting a Rem 700 action, they true up the receiver face, threads, and lug seats. Then the factory bolt gets face and lugs trued. If you indicate the bolt in by the firing pin hole, then the body isn`t running true...

Supported Bolt Carrier Group Hype of Not?

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Is anyone using a "supported" bolt carrier group? For example the lantac enhanced BCG or CMC BCG with the larger flange at the end of the carrier that is supposed to aid in repeatability. Is this aiding in accuracy or is this market hype?

4-Jaw vs. Spider on the Spindle

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I use a 4-jaw when chambering through the spindle, I'm thinking about changing to a spider.

"Pro's" would seem to be, closer to the spindle means shorter barrels no problem (vs. depth of chuck and backplate), plus being closer to the headstock always...

Time to get real: DBA

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DBA Choice 1: Fire Knives
DBA Choice 2: Distorted Fire Knives(where every blade comes with a nice cigar to smoke as you unbox it, or the first time you hone the blade, or clean a rifle, whatever.)

Everyone knows Distorted Fine Cigars. NY hated tobacco...

Lightweight scopes for hunting? Any FFP?

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Are there any good lightweight FFP scopes suitable for hunting, assuming it's hiking around and not just sitting in a blind. I have a 6.9lb rifle for hunting and figure using my nearly 31oz PST II seems a bit much. My eyes aren't that great so looking...

Buckle up VA. The attorney general has spoken.

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Screw him. I’m local LE and he has no idea what snake he is poking here...

Short, suppressed 6.5x47

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So I have a 6.5x47 that was my PRS rifle. I’m going a different route for matches and looking for something to do with the 47.

My thought, cut the 6.5x47 down to 18” for a suppressed hunting rifle.

What do you guys think?
What projectile would you...

Episode 216 Post Black Friday

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Once again another great show. But I do have a question for Frank. While Im not questioning the logic behind the 300 Grain and the 338 Lapua. It makes sense they way you explained it. My question is Hornady just release the Atip 300 grain for the...

My 1/2MOA AR10 Build

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Been wanting to build an AR10 for a while, but kept putting it off given what I'd read about the sub-par accuracy and finicky nature of them. Given some changes in WA state law surrounding buying AR platform rifles I bit the bullet and bought a...